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Klipsch Heresy Speakers - $40 (Rochester, NY)


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For $40 I would love to see pics of them. They might not be in that bad of shape.

For fourty bucks I'd be on my way and calling the seller from the road, were I within fifty miles.

Same here, I got my Heresy II from a kid who had rough cabinets, but all the drivers are great, well worth the effort to check them out.

Another thanks to Opus2k9 for pointing out that they were in fact Heresy speakers.

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I was lucky enough to be the first one to see this add and got them for $40. They sound very nice, all drivers are working. Grills are good with the Klipsch logos. Cabs in in good shape, but have been painted with that black/white/silver textured paint. Other than that, they are good.

Guess I got the deal of the day.....lol



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Dale, what a way to step into the Klipsch community bro! Congrats on the awesome buy. Definitely post some pics of your new speakers and your setup. We all love seeing photos of other people's stuff. Deals like that, you have to be fast and you have to be first. I'm just glad the seller didn't decide to hike up his price after getting a gazillion emails, texts etc about them.

Welcome to the forums!

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