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Cornwalls for sale in Princeton, NJ


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IMO, the first one to present the cash to the seller wins. It's up to the seller to decide who gets them. While arguing over dibs, as if this were the last slice of pizza at a family picnic, someone will get face to face with the seller and accept the seller's offer by paying the asking price, or by making an offer to the seller, which the seller can refuse or accept. It's naive to think the seller would, or should, turn down a real buyer due to "dibs" among strangers.

That seems to be a fair price for the package, irrespective of whether or not the tweeters work, the pots are scratchy, etc. If I wanted them, I'd Contact the seller, agree to a price and send payment by PayPal, while others wrestle over the pizza.

On the other hand, if someone accepts the seller's offer by PayPal, wire transfer, etc., it would be wrong for the seller to entertain higher offers. Be first by accepting (paying) first. Hemming and hawing is OK if someone else doesn't accept first, but it's risky.

If someone wants a chance to check them out, he should pay for an option to hold the merchandise for a specified period of time, e.g., $100 non-refundable deposit by PayPal, etc. for 48 hours. Anything less is asking the seller to turn down real offers while others think about it. The seller assumes all of the risk. If it's not worth a non-refundable deposit to the would be buyers to hold the merchandise, why should the seller turn away real buyers?


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I understand what your saying but im just trying to be fair.. Dont know the proper order of things here. I have seen other guys bashed for doing something out of the ordinary..


Whether or not you get bashed is no indication of whether you're legally, morally or ethically in the right. Someone here could bash you, or me, no matter what. This is an equal opportunity forum; it's a platform for all opinions, regardless of merit.

It's comical to me that forum members argue about who posted the first reply, sent the first PM or email. While forum members are fine tuning the pecking order, a non-forum member can swoop in and seal the deal.

IMO, money talks, BS walks. Contact a seller to close the deal by PayPal, etc. At the very least, make a good faith non-refundable deposit to hold the deal for a reasonable time until you get a chance to decide. To expect a seller to turn away a real buyer just because someone can prove he was thinking about it earlier, is foolish. Could the seller force the first "thinker" to complete the deal? Of course not.

If I were the seller, I'd probably give the first person to respond a reasonable time (1 - 2 hours) to consumate our deal by PayPal, etc. After that agreed to time period, I'd sell to the first buyer to pay. "Dibs" would not enter the equation.

If I were the seller and the buyer is someone known to me from the forum, I'd honor that relationship by extending the length of a reasonable time to close the deal, but I'd still insist upon payment before turning away other potential buyers.

Twice I've accepted offers from forum members (with 5 digit post counts) known to me, only to later learn they'd accepted "better" offers. You bet I was annoyed, but the deals were not consumated and I was dealing with individuals whose word was without value. To protect everyone, use PayPal, etc. to conform to real business standards. Hurt feelings could be avoided.

Others are free to disagree.

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Dick seems a bit overwhelmed but is sincerely trying to do the right thing by the forum. See:


If you want them, send him the money. If you want to reserve the right to think about it, send him some money. Otherwise, take your chances, but be considerate. Dick is a seller, not the referee at a family picnic.

Unless you've contacted Dick to ask how to deliver the $$, you haven't paid for a thing, including time to ask questions, time to think about it or the right to demand a reply to a counter offer. If someone else beats you to the punch, don't complain. Be patient.

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