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Cornwalls for sale in Princeton, NJ


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Will sell for $1200 As A PACKAGE:

Pair of Klipsch Cornwall Type C-W0-15 Serial #s 24910 & 24912

McIntosh C-26 Preamp & MC-2505 Power Amplifier [may need work on one channel]

Harmon/Karden Tuner (FM/AM) TU-610

FYI: These were acquired around 1977 from the original owner, and since then lived in one home for ~4 years and another for ~30 years. Would only sell them because aging ears no longer can appreciate their superb sound. Walnut finish on Cornwalls is unmarked. Homemade walnut-stain box holds amps and tuner.

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Hey DickR.

Where are you located. It will help a lot in the sale. Also some pictures would be awesome.

I can vouch for the Mc and Cornwall sound.

That is an amazing combination you have.

Oh...Welcome to the forum.

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Just wasted two hours writing a detailed response to all who responded
so far, and getting ready to upload a couple of photos, and ended up
losing the first and not finding any way to accomplish the second, What
a drag.

I have just found the instructions (always in the last place you look ...[:(] ) A photo is attached.. The compartment in the box holding the
hardware contains an Optimus SCT56 Stereo Cassette Deck which I'll
throw in for no additional charge.

The system isn't hooked up and if that's a requirement I'll let the
prospective buyer do the job, where it sits now (next to the entrance
to my one-story home).


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