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Dress like an audiophile?

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I was in NYC but once, although I would like to get up there again, at least to ride the Coney Island Cyclone (I am an avid roller coaster enthusiast Smile.gif ).

I guess if everybody is plugging themselves, I guess this article about myself in the local paper counts Smile.gif. Granted, that is not the best picture, but the photographer to to add a little artistic flair to the artistry by using some overexposer effects. That big thing in the background is part of my HT setup (although pre-Klipsch days).


Steven Konopa

Fredericksburg, VA

Denon AVR3802 (Receiver)

RF-7 (Fronts)

RC-7 (Center)

RC-7 (Rear)

RS-7 (A Surrounds)

Infinity RS2000.5 (B Surrounds - recycled)

REL Storm III (Subwoofer 1)

Yamaha YST-SW40 (Subwoofer 2 - Recycled)


Sharp DX-200 (CD - ancient)

RCA DWD490RE (DirecTV/Ultimate TV receiver)

Sharp 32 inch (TV)

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HDBRbuilder... You've Got Mail!!! Three photos of vintage Klipsch memorabilia from your "PWK BS Audiophile" Collection. Enjoy! -HornED

PS: You have a right to be proud, maxg! Be sure to post an update photo from time-to-time... like atop your next Klipsch upgrade. Congratulations on your newest "model." -H.E.

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boa12 said: "one thing i learned real quick there. if you don't want trouble, don't look at anybody for more than .25 secs. at least not somebody or groups of such that can

kick one's donkey. & especially on the subway."

That's also a good way to get through a crowd easily. I remember my Dad taking me, as a tyke, to Manhattan one afternoon and he just breezed through Grand Central station in rush hour, whilst I was dodging everyone in site to keep from getting run over. The trick? Don't make any eye contact and people get out of YOUR way so they don't get run over.

If you didn't know that one already, Larry, you can thank me tomorrow. (LOL)

Steve - I see no polo shirts for you!!



My System

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Not making eye contact! Every morning I have to negotiate a traffic circle ( yes, a flipping traffic circle) and there are 3 rules.

1. DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT - under ANY circumstances. Dark glasses are best. Even if its pitch black outside.

2. Grab the steering wheel, in a way that you do not have to move your hand at all, and hit the gas.

3. Cement trucks always win.

Also, Ive been monitoring this thread to find out if I can wear white pumps after Labor Day, no luck yet.

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Originally posted by cluless:

Also, Ive been monitoring this thread to find out if I can wear white pumps after Labor Day, no luck yet.

Kathy Ireland says yes Smile.gif

i went to a club tonight, black lights... lots of fun with neon'ish clothing Smile.gif



SoundWise Support

A technical help site created by me and my fellow Klipschers

promediatech@Klipsch.com /1-888-554-5665 - RA# 800-554-7724 ext 5

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jug-handles wha hoo. Who'd of thought of turning left from the right hand lane could be so much fun.


Move out west, nope, 100+ in the summer, black ice storms in the winter. I did my time in Dallas (not exactly west, but close enough in my book.)

Gotta go, before the thread police nab me. cwm35.gif

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I'm rolling on the floor with where this topic has gone. But I do like the Klipsch tie. I saw that modeled on several of the Klipsch folks from Indy while we were in Hope for the book event. I thought it was a great tie and almost asked where I could get one. Now I know.

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Im glad I do not have to wear ties to work anymore..... YUK....

I can see if your in sales or banking where you have to look successfull, but when your locked back in a computer room where nobody sees you..... Always thought that was dumb.

If I still did, I would buy one too...Jhalk

I use to have a silk painted Jimi Hendrix tie I use to wear to work. And a smiley face (you know like the '70's show) tie. 3 stooges....Lots more....

Got to have some fun in life. Always make the most of a bad situation.


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Try crawling around under your desk, to check your connections in a SKIRT. I finally gave up (on dresses/skirts) when I unknowingly, rolled over the hem of a long dress with my chair. When I went to stand up, I fell flat on my face. So much for decorum.


I still want the beer glass.

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