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Chorus IIs - One journey ends - Another begins


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Hi All! This is my first post here - so I'm a newbe to this forum. Having owned a pair of KG4s since 1987, and being "brought up" on Klipsch even before that, I've recently decided to "upgrade." I finally found and got a pair of Chorus IIs driving distance from Los Angeles - first journey completed!! (Pic attached I think!) As anyone who knows these speakers knows, they are not easy to ship at 90lbs and over a yard high, a foot and a half wide, and a foot deep.....each!! I thought $600 was pretty good based on the craigslist pics, and upon inspection, they still looked pretty good. BTW - this was my first craigslist purchase as well, and I lived to talk about it. Great seller. Anyway I wanted walnut oil, but just couldn't find them out here - having said that there is a pair of WO Chorus IIs in Reno on craigslist for $600 right now. Anyway......I haven't even heard these yet!!! Once I saw them and condition they were in, I want to give him the $ and get out of there! I didn't feel like pushing him to hook them up to hear them. I spent today doing a little cleaning and firming up the bases as I did on my KG4s years ago. BTW while I did this the KG4's still really crank! They can still handle power and are just really great sounding loud speakers at 27 years old. The Klipsch SW 311 sub woofer I got last year does help out! Tomorrow the neighbors should be aware I'm home!! Looking forward to continuing to "upgrade" these with some Bob Crites "improvements." That journey begins - Stay tuned! Advice Welcomed!!


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Tom, Candice Glover has an album out. She would sound great on these speakers. You post a link some time ago on her.
I'll check it out. Indeed she certainly would.

The GF used to watch American Idol on the big system, where as I'd simply keep her company on the sofa and listen instead while surfing on the laptop. When Candice came on that day, and her first note sailed across the room, I just looked up wide-eyed , then over at the GF and said, "she's gonna win this the season."

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