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Hofy's Duct Tape Mounting System (patent pending)


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haha lol

havent been around in couple months and when i finaly do.....

hofy's duct tape mounting !!!

hahaha, guess it hasn't been so long after all.


tornado 1000, 300w ps

culs2-c bios 1003

p3700e cco @1050

pal6035, delta bl

256 mushkin pc133

radeon 32ddr

75 gxp 45gig

sony 48x,plextor 12/10/32

sbl value

opti v95

of course v2-400's

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I just got home from a hospital visit for severe laughing trauma. Namely for tha admins response! Dear lord this is one of the funniest forums I've ever registered to and it's for a Speaker manuf. of all things!

P.s. I ould like to invest in that "mounting" technology, where do i send the check! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Movies take us to a place we would like to be and away from a place we would like to forget.

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That would be evil. This thread is part of the backbone of this forum.


1GHz TBird


FOP38 & CuShim

Kingmax 256MB PC150

Annihilator2 32MB GTS

Intel Pro100+Management NIC

Promise Ultra100

IBM 75GXP 45GB & Maxtor DMP6800 27.2GB

Plextor 16X10X40A

Sony 12X DVD

SBLive! 5.1

Sony CPD-G400 19" Triny


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Originally posted by ProMedia Tech 2:

I'd be curious to hear everyone's reaction if I were to actually delete this monster...



Trust me, it would not be a pretty sight, with the universe collapsing and all.c>


Hofy's Duct Tape Mounting System Support



I am NOT

ProMedia Tech Support



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