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East Coast Trip Advice Needed

Jeff Matthews

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the Vietnam memorial is very moving.

It really is, and to everyone who was there visiting.

Arlington was also, changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier is something to see, They still bring the caskets to be buried on a carriage pulled by horses, seeing this was a surprise and what looked like endless white crosses. 


When we went to Arlington our guide was a little old lady probably 80 years old, being told it can be a rough walk we thought we had it easy because of her age, she almost walked us to death !

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Do not dare go to Boston without having breakfast at Mike's City Diner. Not lunch or dinner! Have breakfast there. You will know the place, it will have a line at the door. For breakfast! Check it out... Remember * * * M I K E ' S   C I T Y   D I N E R * * * Little Italy is pretty cool too.


As for DC, There are just too many things to do there to mention. It seems like I've been to the Air & Space Museums more than anywhere else. The war memorials are my favorite area on the National Mall. 


NYC, no idea. Have never stepped foot in that city oddly enough...

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In NYC you have to go to The Carnagie Deli for the best pastrami, right across from Carnagie Hall and most Pizza places are great, (not like that weird cake like stuff from Chicago - remember, New Yorkers invented Pizza) and don't forget the observation room of the Empire State Building and put your hat over your heart for King Kong. (see 1933 movie).

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you're probably feeling overwhelmed.....but....if you are renting a car, this place is a must, air and space II.





it has full size, real deal aircraft. right when you walk in there's a sr-71 blackbird....worth the trip alone.

When I was there, I was looking to see if there was indeed an airplane scrapyard out back like in the Transformer movie. I was not surprised that it wasn't there. Here is your sr71 codenamed Jetfire:



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