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FS: Marantz DR-17 CD Player/Recorder


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Here is my Marantz DR-17 CD player/recorder. It is from Marantz' Reference Series, and was made in Japan in June 2000. I picked it up from my friends at Audio Classics several months ago. It was my everyday player until I recently picked up a Teac CD-1000 CD/SACD player. It performed flawlessly during that time. All functions work, including the record feature (it will only record on blank CD Audio discs, NOT CD Data discs). It also plays HDCDs. It is a very well built unit as you would expect from a Marantz Reference Series component, weighing in at 17.4 lbs and has thick aluminum front/side panels, and corners. The unit is in excellent condition, with just a few minor scratches on the top panel. It sounds very good through its analog outs, but would also make a very nice transport, with a bonus of being able to make recordings as well.


I did not get the original remote,manual, or box with it when I purchased it. However, I purchased a Sony remote that controls the play functions, as well as record. You cannot finalize a disc from the remote though, and must do it from the front panel. I could not find a downloadable manual for it online, but after some research I found out that it had a Philips cousin that is identical operationally, so I downloaded and printed out that one. It will be packed well for shipping, as all my items are. 


Included in the sale will be the Marantz, power cord, Sony remote, printed Philips manual, a spool of blank Sony audio CD's with 23 discs remaining, and a Memorex CD-RW disc.


Here's a link to the last one that sold on Audiogon for $350:




And another that just sold a couple of weeks ago on Ebay for $475.




My asking price is $275 plus shipping.


Thanks for looking!!











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All set Rick, let's just go over the details and make it happen. As previously mentioned, email and/or phone would be great to keep it simple. Let me know once you have the shipping figured out with the address I gave you.


Joe (Joefg)


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