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New member, Mac/Klipsch collector of sorts.  Unfortunately, facing a move that requires me to part with some awesome components and speakers.  I live in the Columbus, Mississippi area, and can only offer pick-up, but will provide any loading help.  Here are some of the items I will part with:

2 1963 KHorns - 2nd owner, excellent condition, currently used in H/T arrangement with Mac components.  $2000

1 MX135 - bought in 2011 from Audio Classics, excellent condition (B1), all lights work, no scratches, etc.    $2000

1 MVP861 - Bought in 2011 from Audio Classics, also in great condition (B1), no scratches, sounds great, lights work, etc.      $1000

1 MC205 - 5 x 200W, bought from Audio Classics in 2011(B1), excellent condition       $3000

2 Heresy III - Bought brand new in 2011 from Audio Classics, mint condition with risers    $625/each


This collection also includes a 3-year-old stand that I bought new for $1200, and a RSW12 subwoofer that I bought new 10 years ago. I also have a couple of KG4's and a pair of used RFIII-2 that are in mint condition.


Although I have listed prices that I have discounted from my original bill of sale, I am willing to consider offers on any of this equipment.  The equipment has been treasured and well-cared for.  It is without flaw, and I will gladly send pictures to any serious party.  Also, feel free to call me at (256) 318-1359. You won't be disappointed in this equipment and are welcome to come try it out.


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2 Heresy III - Bought brand new in 2011 from Audio Classics, mint condition with risers $625/each


These are 2 pair of H3's at $625 per pair correct?  What finish?


One pair of H3's with Cherry finish.  Paid $1450 for pair in 2011, would take $1000 for the pair.  Will try to get some pictures posted asap.

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38 minutes ago, Kevin cornette said:

Austin, in your post I see there’s a tab for turntable and Mac components. Would you have a preamp and turntable for sale in you Mac components?

Umm…did you not see that this was posted in 2014?  The OP hasn’t been back on the forum since then.

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20 hours ago, Kevin cornette said:

Newbie mistake. Sorry. Hope your not offended. 

I’m not offended, I just wanted you to know that you’re going to be waiting a long time if you’re hoping for a response.

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