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Tool Shed's finest integrated amp


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Thanks for all the compliments. These amps are the best bang for the buck you can find. If anyone is considering an amp like this, do not hesitate to do business with Matt.

I hate when I have to turn the amp off and go to work. All I know is I will never sell this amp, it was custom made for me. I just have to figure out who to will it too.

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1 hour ago, Steve. said:

The name of Tool Shed's amp I was referencing earlier is the Renaissance 4 and it's also a work of art..... a 4 watt EL 84 that is equally as beautiful....   Is 4 watts really enough for Heresys in  17 x 15 x  9 room at moderate levels?  

"Moderate" is too subjective a term to describe your listening level.  But, there's a very simple way you can actually measure how much power is needed to satisfy your requirements:




You may be amazed at just how little power is needed to drive Heresys.  





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