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Another Youthman Deal....Hooking Wakejunkie Up with Some Near Mint RS-7's


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2 hours ago, Grizzog said:

Did not expect those to be as wide as a La Scala!

Now that really surprised me.

Even with knowing the dimensions it is still impressive.

Michael hooking his brother up with some amaizing speakers.... not that surprising.

That is just how he is.  We take care of each other.

Oh and I already have dibs on the next amp btw.  ;-)

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Congrats on the find, I don't think I have seen those in white.  


Did I miss what Wake is going to do with the old RS-3IIs?  I have a set of RF-3IIs and never did buy the rear surrounds.  If you guys need a buyer for those please let me know.



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Nice,  those should work just fine for Atmos, you will never notice them.  7.4.2....Count me as jealous.  


I thought that I would always be drawn to my projector when I first mounted it...I thought it stuck out too much.  I don't even pay attention to it anymore.   


Keep me in mind when/if you cycle the RS-3IIs out of your inventory.

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Wake and his family came down to visit for a few days.  He got home late last night and was frustrated that Home Depot was closed and could not buy paint.


He just sent me this photo.  Man those look awesome!  It will be a huge upgrade from his RS-35's.  I'll let Wake comment on his thoughts about them.



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On 11/5/2016 at 10:01 AM, teaman said:

Karma is an amazing thing. Good to see there are still some fine peeps out there!

Shaun has been an amazing friend to me for many years.  I can't count the numerous times he has helped me repair, fix, and install all kinds of things in my home.  While he was here, he helped me run a 16a circuit to my hot tub, he fixed one of the three motors on the tub that was completely locked up.  I think that alone would have cost me 5 times as much as the $50 I paid for the RS-7's.  I'm always glad to be a blessing to him because of the gratitude I have for the many many times he has blessed me with his help with things around my house.

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I have demoed scenes from Deadpool and Transformers Age of Extinction so far.

we plan to watch the new Star Trek tonight.

First of all, these things are BEAST.  They really impress in size and sound.  Right now they are set to 80hz (thx) but I am tempted to lower that.  (Suggestions welcome) The RS-35's had a good sound but these things are almost the equivalent of having towers.  No trouble keeping up with the RF-7ii's that I can see.  

I am still playing with the RS-35s (formerly side surrounds) as Atmos speakers.  I think I finally got the receiver set up right. I am hoping Star Trek in Atmos turns out to be a good demo.

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54 minutes ago, WakeJunkie said:

Right now they are set to 80hz (thx) but I am tempted to lower that.  (Suggestions welcome)

Ha, I knew those would be painted or covered with wood right away! Looks great!

I dialed my RS-7's in at 60hz. This has been the best (to my liking) setting for me so far. My favorite demo with the surrounds is Master and Commander during the opening cannon attack.


Glad you are enjoying them and I always enjoy reading about the special friendship that you and Michael share.

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We watched Star Trek Beyond last night.  The RS-7s really showed out with that one.  Plenty of action scenes.  This was the first time the surrounds didn't sound like surrounds but just sound from the correct location.  There is nothing small about the sound.  I set the crossover to 60Hz as suggested by Tasdom.  Sounded great.  I will play with the settings but honestly it is hard to do A-B testing with my memory....

The RS-35s did well as Atmos speakers but honestly have nothing to compare them to.  The combination of RB-61 rears and RS-7 sides seemed to be a great combination.  RB-81s may be a closer match but honestly I don't know if you would even be able to tell the difference.  Sound that wrapped around you felt seamless.  During Dolby into fx I could really tell hey sound very much the same where before the 35s didn't have the same sound as the fronts at all.

I also installed 3 acoustic panels (also courtesy of Youthman) directly above the beanbag.  It may be placebo effect but the center vocals seemed clearer. 

Hard to get a picture of black on black.


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