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Yamaha CR-2040 rebuild


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I wasn't actively looking but I had my eye out for a CR-2040 for years.  I finally picked one up here recently with a case that was scuffed up a bit and a few marks on the face plate.  I removed the knobs and did a light treatment with the magic eraser to find that the face place and controls were perfect!  Hmmm... I'm going to have to make the cabinet match!


Anybody who thinks Yamaha doesn't have low end hasn't heard the 2040!  It was sounding pretty good but there was that familiar grainy sound that I've heard from other tired old caps so I took the electronics to @paul79 at Many Moons Audio for a complete rebuild.


While the innards are at Paul's for a spa treatment that will give me plenty of time to get the cabinet fixed up.  Well, that empty cabinet has been staring at me long enough so I guess I will get started.

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This cabinet actually has an imitation wood grain lacquer finish that looks pretty good but still not as nice as a natural finish.  I was going to use lacquer thinner and alcohol to strip the cabinet but decided that would be a little messy and sanding wouldn't take too long since I'm not afraid to go after it with careful application of 80 grit on my orbital sander.  I've used the sander enough that I thought I could take off the finish and keep it level by finishing with a flat block.  It came out fine... it is actually more flat now.  


I have enough veneer left from my Heresy veneer work to do two of these cabinets so I guess I can afford to make a mistake but I'd rather not.  I'm hoping to match my finish on the Heresy's from my upgrade project


I'm really happy with the way the figuring on this veneer will line up with the cabinet and large vent on top!






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Paul is a great guy. He rebuilt a Soundcraftsmen A5002 amplifier for me years ago and it's been nothing but a stellar performer.  Always highly recommended. Last i recall, he lives in the town in Oklahoma that I once did.  


Yea, those old Yamaha receivers and amps of that era were quite the performers. The first time I heard a pair of Klipschorns was on a 10 or 15 wpc Yamaha amp at Custom Audio in Little Rock back in 1978 or so. Still remember to this day when they pulled the little curtain back and you saw the small amp that was running them. 

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I'm getting excited... if it looks this good without a finish I know this is really going to look nice!

I friction fit the grill back in the cabinet just to see how it looks and that it still fits.  I was going to use a router to trim the veneer but that didn't seem necessary on such a small project so I used an edge band trimmer and razor blades for the whole thing.  I got the inner corners of the grill hole with sand paper wrapped around a pencil... make sure to only sand downward so you don't pull up on the veneer.   



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I don't know what I was thinking when I did the first corner but I picked up a box knife instead of a razor blade to make the cut for the joint on the front veneer.  It was too wide and didn't make a straight or sharp cut resulting in a bit of a gap.  That and the small tear out at the top corner leaves it looking a bit ragged.


I'm open to advice on this... I'm thinking I will go ahead and finish sanding and stain (using Watco Danish oil -  2 parts natural and 1 part cherry).  I can inject a small bit of epoxy behind to strengthen the corner.  A little matching fill to clean it up. Any other ideas?   


Won't be perfect but every project needs a little flaw right?



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I had a difficult time finding someone to redo my 2040 (though I'll admit I didn't put much effort into it)


I gave the unit to my wife's nephew who lives in New Orleans.  I don't know if he's yet had it gone through.


May I ask a 'ballpark' amount to take a never touched unit and bring it up to date, presuming nothing is blown up?  I might offer to have it done for him.


You can PM me if more appropriate.


Nice job on the case!!  Kind of makes me regret giving it away.

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Wow, that is a great project. Nice to see others resurrecting vintage gear. The '40 line is one of my favorites (640,840,1040, 2040). That is one monster of a receiver and I know you will love it.


For that one corner you can always hit it with a color correct putty pencil. It won't take much. Check out your local Home Depot or Lowes stain section.

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