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Balanced Interconnects

John Chi-town

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44 minutes ago, EMRR said:

Well, AES/EBU can be used for analog audio, as I said, it's superior with very long runs because of the lower capacitance.

I said it clumsily in my post, I meant to say that DMX is backwards compatible with AES/EBU but it depends on the impedance of a particular AES/EBU whether it will work well for DMX.

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So much good info in this thread for a newbie to XLR interconnects like myself. My new Rotel Amp has XLR inputs. My old Kenwood system sounded great unbalanced but with the Kenwood CD player unbalanced to the Rotel it's  lacking depth. Sounds flat and tinny. Since my current transport doesn't support XLR if I were to upgrade what would you recommend? 

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3 hours ago, Ol_mcdonald said:

YAY! Somebody gets it! The performance "gains" mentioned would be imperceptible. 


Thank you for the video that explains why balanced is better than unbalanced, even if the difference is not perceived on home stereos by most listeners, including myself. I like how the video shows the "noise" as a multiplex type signal that may not change the music, but is a form of distortion that could become added to the unbalanced signal.

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You are welcome. It is a good video explaining in fairly simple terms the difference between balanced and unbalanced connections. I was speaking of the .0002 difference in THD, is imperceptible. If say a person has a hum or noise problem from a wad of cables crossed up every which way or a long mic cable, balanced interconnects will make a distinguishable difference, and yes may possibly provide better specs you could only observe under laboratory conditions. 


Oh, and high dollar fancy cables are a rip, buy some decent cable in the 10-20 buck range for a pair. Don't be sucked in by the 500 buck single cable that claims to be superior, it's wire. Save your money for something else.

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On 12/30/2017 at 11:59 AM, Khornukopia said:

Does your CD player have a digital output and does your Rotel have a digital input? If yes, I would try that connection first.


CD player is RCA only that's my problem. I've upgraded everything else so I guess it's time for a new deck. 

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