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The worse Pop song of all time?


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Rolling Stone mag apparently has a new issue out with the best songs of all time - but what is your choice for the worst song of time?

I'll lead off.. my vote goes to Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent - definitely not music!

Of course, Pieces of You by Jewel on the CD of the same name has got to be one of the rudest, most obnoxious songs I have ever heard .. "you say he's a ******, do you want to bash in his brains?"

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boy colin that's a tough 1 - so many come to mind. being an avid rock & roller I have to disagree w/ anything from "the Nuge", though I admit the lyrics are pretty repetitive.

but imo disco sucked so I have to nominate (kettle drum roll) "you sexy thing" by hot chocolate.


live long & rock!

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ANYTHING by Hansen,...the Backstreet boys, and in the sink (N sync)!!!!!

Oh ya...I forgot to mention Alanis moronset..(what a beautiful singing voice..Ha!)

The Mackarena (SP?)

How bizarre (I'd rather hear a scratching chalkboard)

Hey, this list could go on and on!!!!!

If it wasn't for eight year olds with an allowance, I don't think any of the above would have made it!!!!



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Wow. So many bad songs out there I don't even bother listening to the radio. Instead of specific songs, I like to categorize bad music by group or artist.

Definitely agree with any of the boy bands--nsync, backstreet, 98 degrees, (ironically, as I write, 98 degrees is playing on tv). So how 'bout the girl bands? Spice girls, Alanis, Britney Spears, etc.

OMG, 98 degrees is on again . . . I'm going to the bathroom to shoot myself . . .


This is my body. And I can do whatever I want with it. --Lance Armstrong

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Anybody remember Terry Jacks...

"Seasons in the Sun"????

How 'bout "Sometimes When we Touch" ?

Being in radio, I've had to suffer through the worst "music" over the years.

I could go on...but how bout just one more?

Michael Jackson..."Ben"....

Gotta go, I feel weak, and need to rock!



Love & kisses on your Klipsch's!!!

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If you have a newspaper that lists the 'charts' with the top 50 or so, it's easy!

Put it up on the wall, and throw a dart at it. Pop music in general is just awful in terms of music. They all have the same beats (Wait, am I saying 'All this music sounds the same!'. Talk about turning into your dad, Phil.) and terrible lyrics.

The thing about rap is, if you look at it as poetry, it's not so bad. It's not music, though.


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You guys are making me nauseous!

When I read the thread title, I immediately thought of my 8-year-old's recent favorites. I'm soooo sick of "I have a blue house with a blue window, bah bah blue..." and (more recently) "who let the dogs out." That one's actually sort of catchy, although I don't know the rest of the lyrics - if there are any! The thing that makes that one so scary is that I find myself singing it at work and it's contagious. Just picture a motorcycle officer riding down the road with his Sergeant and they're both singing "who let the dogs out...woof, woof..." over the PA.

I thought those were the worst, however, until somebody above reminded me of "Seasons in the sun" and "Mustkrat love." Thanks alot, guys... now I find myself thinking back to "Short people" or even farther to Tiny Tim and his damn tulips... blech!


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I have just taken some pepto-bismol so that I could stomach this entire series of posts....Hey, the bottle say's it is soothing relief for:

upset stomach





I figured it would be safe now...BUT....the stuff just DOES NOT work, I have to go to the bathroom AGAIN and THROW-UP!!!! AAAHHHHHHH....

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S - A - T - U - R - D - A - Y nIIyIITE by the Bay City Rollers as brought to you by Howard Cosell who thought he was the reincarnation of Ed Sullivan and had discovered the new Beatles...

Or, close second, the Joan Baez song Diamonds and Rust as performed by Judas Priest as the opening act for KISS in the New Haven Colosium in, uh, 1974 (?)


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