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The worse Pop song of all time?


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The oldies like Queen ELO Genesis and so sometimes let me repeat it SOMETIMES missed a song. But with them at least you could and can exclude that song when you play the cd's. Nowadays if I you would like to exclude the bad songs from todays artists the cd's would be blank. Thank god that my nephews don't play their music at my house. Because they would call me a grumpy old bastard. Their music like hiphop and so would destroy my CD player.

The worse pop song I wouldn't know I can't remember the title, why because if I don't like the song I use Fast Forward or Skip.

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Originally posted by Kevin Kennelly:

"Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves" by Cher.

"Copacabana" by Barry Manilow.

(oh great....now I've got THAT in my head!)

"You Light Up My Life", by Icky Dreck and the Sugarmonkeys.

"I've Got To Get Away" by Lenny Kravitz (this guy writes music based on it's ability to be used in TV commercials).

Any Mariah Carrie song, where her voice starts to make noises only my dog can hear.

(Off Topic Pet Peeve: Acoustic guitar music that finds it necessisary to accentuate the sound of fingers moving up and down the strings. EG: Sade's new single).

Oh god....I still have "Copa" in my head! Make it stop! Make it STOP!! MAKE IT ST...

"At the copaaaa...copacabanaaaa!"

Actually I think I like this song. Kinda kitsch (i like what's kitch).

What about Santana??? beeeeuark!

Rap in general litterally makes me sick. I can't even listen to it for the bass performance. the worse is (you lucky guys don't know it) FRENCH rap. Ever heard about NTM, DISY'Z LA PESTE, and the other bullshits?? well, you cannot even imagine what it is exactly.


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o.k. Time to fill in some gaps here.

Sometimes when we touch---Dan Hill

It's better to burn out than fade away---Hey,Hey,My,My---Neil Young

Muskrat love--The Captain & Tennille

Short People---Randy Newman

Kung Fu Fighting---Carl Douglas

Dream Weaver---Gary Wright

Uptown Girl---(the words are "She's living in a white "wig"(not bread) world---Billy Joel

Afternoon Delight---Starland Vocal Band


Ring My Bell---Anita Ward

Guitarzan---Ray Stevens

Gee, I didn't even have to get up and look for these.

How 'bout: "Makin' Love Outta Nothin' at All"---by Air Supply!! and I know,and I know, and I know, and I know. Now that got real monotonas.

Better yet,"I got a brand new pair of rollerskates; you got a brand new key."

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"Who Let the Dogs Out" What I'd like to know, is who let that song out.. of the studio? IMHO, at least the Queen songs "We will Rock You" and "We are the Champions" at least were decent songs before they were murdered by the NBA, the NFL and MLB, but this Dog thing? The first time I heard it I gagged. Most all the other songs in this post make me wretch as well, but Whitney's I will Always Love u can make a freight train take a dirt road...I can't imagine what would happen to my KLFs if that song came across the wire. God help us all eek.gif

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I'm sorry, Ray, but my WWF song is the winner.

Sexy Boy...

did anyone actually try to download it?

it's worth it, you'll laugh your head off.

maybe it doesn't actually qualify as a song...

"I'm just a sexy Boy

*seeexyyy booooyyyy*

I'm not your boy toy

*boooooyyy tooooyyy*

I'm just a sexy boy


I think I'm cute,

I know I'm sexy,

I got the moves,

that really move 'em


Hands off the merchandise!"

All that sang with a very virile wrestler voice... It cracks me up every time.

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