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SOLD... 2002 LaScala Birch Lacqured


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Hello all... haven't been on in a long while.


Hate to do it but I need to sell my LaScalas.  Medical/living expenses and not having any health insurance have forced my hand.  I've got 2 pair available.

Here is the link to:  My other pair... 1999 Birch Raw


This pair are 2002 Birch Lacquered with the AL-4 crossover and black grilles.  This version is also Bi-amp/Bi-wire capable and has a separate input panel on the back that can accept banana plugs. There is also a factory pair of cane grilles that were purchased by the original owner.  All original drivers and no changes to the crossovers.  I do have the original boxes for this pair.  Serial Numbers: LSBL3 - 02510001 & 0002


I purchased these from the original owner here in the DFW area and have had them about 10 years.  This is a VERY nice pair in close to, if not mint condtion.  I'd say they are easily 9/9.5 with sharp corners. The top, sides and all external surfaces are silky smooth and have no nicks or visible scratches. They are a very nice blond color and have always been kept out of the sun.  The installed black grilles are in excellent condition and the Klipsch badges are flat and intact.  The other pair of factory cane grilles are still brand new and have never been installed.


These were in my 5 channel, all LaScala system, that I had in my home.  And they were used as the front left/right channels in that system.  Unfortunately they've been sitting in the back of my apartment for the last year collecting "LaScala dust".


I'm asking $1600, but if someone was interested in buying both pair, I'd be willing to knock 8-10% or so off the price.  Cash is king, but I do have a PayPal account (plus fees) if that would be better for you.  These are local pickup only.  And I'm in a 2nd story apartment right now, so you'd need a two wheeler and some help to get them down the stairs.  Though with notice I can probably get my brother over here to help move them.  I'm located in Mansfield, Texas... zip 76063.


If you have any questions, please let me know...

Thanks, Tony











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1 hour ago, Schu said:

So you have five la scalas?

Which have cane grills?

If you'd like to sell the cane grills let me know.

I had 3 pair of LaScalas last year... Sold a pair when I sold and moved out of my house last April. I have 2 pair left which are for sale here.


I only have one pair of cane grilles which go with the 2002 LaScalas. Not looking to sell the grilles separately at this point. But I may do that later (depending on offers) if there's no interest in keeping them with the speakers.

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13 minutes ago, Pete Mote said:

Hello, Tony, in the Dallas area. Interested in the la scala pair, I'm probably 30 minutes from Mansfield so pickup would be no problem, cash.

Welcome to the forum. You can also message seller by personal message(PM) here. Those are nice. Good luck

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30 minutes ago, Pete Mote said:

Hello, Tony, in the Dallas area. Interested in the la scala pair, I'm probably 30 minutes from Mansfield so pickup would be no problem, cash. you can text/call  me at 214.971.5241. If possible if I could listen to these. thanks.  Pete.

Pete, your "thank you" post showed up in the report section and not as a reply.  Just a heads up.

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18 hours ago, ZEUS121996 said:

I hope things get better for you. I've been dealing with it for 4 years now.

Bump it up



Thanks Mark I appreciate it... I had my first surgery 12 years ago and have been through 2 separate fusions. 5 surgeries total, with 3 in the last 18 months. I'm not much better from a pain standpoint, but I no longer have any metal in my body.



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