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improve look for forte 1


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I am new here and this is my first post, if this post is in the wrong section please let me know where the right place is.  Well, I am now a proud owner of some forte 1's and feel like my system gives me the sound that Ive been looking for.  The fortes sound great, but as you can see from the pictures, the wood needs some attention to make them really look as good as they sound.  Any ideas as to how to go about staining/resurfacing the wood so that it looks better?  if someone could break it down simply step by step I would GREATLY  appreciate it.


Thank you,




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16 minutes ago, parlophone1 said:

I know this is nor the direct answer that you are looking for, but I sugest some search through this forum. Key words would be veneering etc. You will get valuable information.

Wellcome to the forum😀😀😀😀

thanks, I am going to give it a search right now.  

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Go to home depot or Lowes and pickup Watco rejuvenating oil and Howard's feed and seed wax. I put the rejuvenating oil on a rag and rub it in the veneer. You can use #0000 steel wool and basically wet sand the veneer to remove light marks and sometimes scratches. Let the oil sink into the veneer for maybe 5 minutes, then wipe dry with another rag. After this, let dry for minimum a couple of hours then liberally put a coat of the wax on. Let the wax sit for 30 minutes, wipe dry with a rag or paper towel, then buff with a microfiber cloth. Good luck

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Some thoughts.


1.  Just live with it least a radical treatment is worse than what you've got.


2. Use some Old English or Formby  "lemon oil polish" (Grocery stores have this.  it is just mineral oil and lemon perfume) Apply with a facial "buff puff" from Walgreens.  The buff puff is very soft and can't  harm the veneer.


3.  Some woodworking guides suggest Oxalic Acid to remove these sort of stains.  It is the ingredient in Barkeepers Friend.  I have not used it.  OTOH, It makes sense that the big hardwood bars at the local tavern are always stained by beer mugs.  I'd have thought that they have really thick varnish which would prevent penetration of moisture and also this product to reach it.  




4.  320  or 400 Wet-or-Dry sandpaper.on a sanding block and the aforementioned furniture polish liquid. 



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so I will sand or use the 0000 steal wool to work on the stains,  then either use Howards restor (walnut) or watco rejuvenating oil, and if i want to go beyond that, apply the feed and wax and finally buff with micro fiber cloth. 


So, watco rejuvenating oil seems to be a clear liquid, while howards restore comes with a "walnut" color.    How serious of a decision is it to pick from those two? or will it all look roughly the same in the end? I just want these speakers to look as original as possible. 



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