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KLF series tweeter diaphragms for sale... Price drop!

moray james

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I have on hand two sets of KLF series one inch tweeter diaphragms. These are the shiny black ones. They are in excellent condition and were replaced when Bob Crites first came out with his titanium diaphragms and I simply kept them as back up. I figured that there may be folks who would like matching diaphragms or would like to have some backup or who may simply need some inexpensive diaphragms to get some tweeters/speakers back up and running to use or to sell.

   Sorry  I cannot do pictures but these are in perfect condition and I will ship them in the hard plastic travel diaphragm cases that I got from Bob (they have been stored in these since then) so they will arrive in perfect condition. I would like $15.00 usd a set plus the actual postage cost. Payment via paypal as a gift so that the buyer covers the transaction fee and I receive $15.00. I will make sure they are well wrapped up to arrive to you ready to go. Please send me your zip code or postal code so I can determine postage but I like to ship with tracking and that includes free insurance and a happy ending no matter what. Thanks.


Note: these fit the KLF20 and the KLF30 tweeters and I believe they also fit in the KLF10 mid/tweeter. They will fit also into a Quartet a Forte (both versions) or a Chorus (both versions) or Cornwall ll or any K79 based tweeter so they are very handy to have.


First set is sold second set is pending.

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I was under the impression that it was just accumulated dust/dirt as they have been in a box for a long long time. Have you tried a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol? I did look at them and I would not hesitate to drop them into a tweeter and play them there is nothing there to cause a problem. Obviously you are unhappy and I would be happy to reimburse you. I would also have preferred to have had you contact you directly rather than in the public forum. Its not as if I sent you something not working or in a horrible state but I guess everyone has their opinion. My number one concern was getting the parts to you in sound condition. The inside of the diaphragms and the coils are clean and that is the business end of these things rather than the top side. As I said I will be happy to give you a full refund.

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Hello Moray James -

No worries sir, no refund necessary, DCR = 8.3Ω.  Surface is extremely sticky (?) so I won't try a Q-tip!

I will keep them as spares for the dozens of vintage Klipsch speakers I've put into friend's music rooms.

In the interest of transparency, you may want to post photos in your next ad - to avoid misunderstandings.

FYI, I have 100% positive feedback on AudiogoN & eBay for 15+ years, 100% on PayPal & USAudioMart too.

Happy Listening to you and all the Klipsch Forum members in 2019!




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