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Forte III Stereophile Review


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Thanks for posting the reproductions (and now the link).  Now I don't feel so bad for buying these speakers as the review I'd included made me feel.  Hahaha!


I certainly don't believe these speakers are the best ever made at any price, nor necessarily the best value ever.  They are the most money I've ever spent on a pair of speakers, even adjusting for "inflation."  (I've always appreciated the idea of quality audio production yet have historically limited myself to a more practical price point.)  They are without doubt the the best and most enjoyable audio equipment I've ever had the pleasure of owning. 


They've got some minor foibles but they're utterly fantastic.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  Maybe a few heartbeats if full MSRP was the only option...

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 Thought the review was positive overall (picked up the issue last week). I find that their reviews can be flavoured by who writes them. On another note they have been obviously listening to readers calling for reviews of affordable gear. As nice as it is to read an article about a super car speaker now and then, I like reading about products that I would and could purchase.

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