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Temporary integrated amplifier (suggestions?)

Ted S

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Putting a new little system together for the house. I have a pair of La Scala II on their way to me. Still shopping for a nice turntable. 


I plan on using a Fisher 500C as my integrated amp - but it is currently being restored professionally and I wont get it back for about (3) months !  Well needless to say, I cant have those speakers just sitting in a box for three months....


I would like to pick up something in the meantime.  More than likely I will want to get rid of it when my fisher comes in, so maybe re-sell it.  Im looking for something that will sound pretty good and not break the bank. Would love to stick with tubes, but ones in nice / working condition are pricey.


I just read some reviews that were pretty good on some lower end (Chinese) tube stuff (Monoprice)  here is the link to their web site.


Now I know you get what you pay for - but anyone here own it?  Maybe it would be fine for something to use for a few months and keep as a back up.....

Or if there are some other suggestions - I would love to hear them.


Thanks for your help and advice,


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How about this for $139?  I have one that I use to drive our patio speakers. I have tried it with my Cornwall’s and it sounds great. Able to drive them to painfully loud levels without hint of strain or distortion. Plus, there are a lot of online reviews attesting to its reasonable reliability.  The inexpensive monoprice amps and you mentioned would give me pause  not because I don’t think they would sound fine but because I would worry about their reliability.   




 Also, this has a balance control and on the back there are tone controls. 

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B stock Yamaha R-S202BL receiver $110 shipped.  I'd thought about one of these for the Bluetooth capability. 




A-stock versions are about $150 or so.




I like that Onkyo 9110, too.  I'd personally stay away from the cheap tube amplifiers.  Those do look decent but not sure about their longevity.

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