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Picked this up recently and not too shabby at all.  :)



RAW is the sixteenth album of the ZZ Top. It was recorded in connection with the band’s wildly popular and critically lauded 2019 Netflix documentary That Little Ol’ Band From Texas, wich includes an interlude that finds the group’s classic line up, Billy Gibbons, Frank Beard and the late Dusty Hill to whose memory the album is dedicated, gathering for a very intimate session at Gruene Hall, “the oldest continually run dance hall in Texas”. That performance provided the basis for the album release. Billy and Frank say “..it was, in a very real way, a return to our roots. Just us and the music. We knew right then it was a very special circumstance, all of us in the same place at the same time and what a time it most certainly was! ‘The Dust’ may have left the building but he’s still very much with us.”



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Almost 30 years since he's done this show and it's going to be amazing.  Factor in Jimmie Vaughan?  Shall we say max stoked?  The start of my US tour begins Thursday in Columbus, O-H, next month it's Jeff Beck in Cincy, O-H, and November is Joe & the Gang with the Black Keys Vets Aid tour also in Cbus.  :)  Yup,gonna be a great time with a ton of laffs.  




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