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Klipsch Cornwall II speakers


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I've got the year figured out, the model seems a little more difficult. These have a black formica finish. Does anyone know if that is original or not. That doesn't appear in the finish list unless I'm missing something.

These were built in 1972. And sound great!

Any idea on a range of value.

The lady I will be purchasing from is on a fixed income and I want to give her a fair price.

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40 minutes ago, Toolmaker said:
52 minutes ago, dwilawyer said:

@wvu80 do you have any data tracking prices on something like this?

Just some limited research, and seeing some prices through this forum

No data tracking

@dwilawyer was referring to me.  I track Heritage prices in a spreadsheet.  I'll attach my spreadsheet at the end of this post.  This particular speaker is a bit of an enigma.


In this case we have a Cornwall II decorator from 1972.  According to the Klipsch website the Cornwall II was first introduced in 1985.


Here is the history of the Cornwall, with the Cornwall II being so named in 1959.  Two different models with the same name.



I agree the finish of the speaker is Avg/poor. They appear to be refinished in black probably by spray paint and I see some delamination.  If we go by the older numbers from the Cornwall I the Average sales price for Avg/poor condition is $636.  Being a decorator model I don't think they came with grills.  I would value these at the lower end of the range.


If any of the drivers don't work I would deduct $100 for each driver. 


If the crossovers have not been updated I would deduct another $100.  From https://critesspeakers.com/prices-crossover_repair_kit.html




We also build a replacement crossover for the Cornwall II.  Early Cornwall IIs had a crossover on a board like the older Cornwall I did.  Later ones had the crossover on the back of the input terminals.  Our crossover will replace either type, but in both cases, you would need to make up new driver and input wires to connect to our crossover.  Our crossover uses a terminal strip where the originals do not.


B & K Type Cornwall II


This is a tough one to value but for speakers almost a half-century old  I would say $500 is fair to both Buyer and Seller.
The Heritage Prices spreadsheet is attached, free to download.  It's a good research tool.
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