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Marantz 2270 Restoration Needed ...

Tony T

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I've been collecting the classic old Marantz's for years. The old boy that did all my restorations (for a great many years) recently died. I have a perfectly good working 2270 that I'd like to have gone through. Of course I realize this will need to be nicely packaged and mailed away. If anyone knows of a GOOD PROFESSIONAL RELIABLE Marantz specialist that they could refer me to, I'd be appreciative.


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10 hours ago, RandyH 000 said:






Hudson Valley HiFi

291 Main Street

Cornwall, NY 12518




Most impressive read within their ad information. That's the kind of lead I truly appreciate. Thank you Randy!



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Paul of http://www.manymoonsaudio.com/ did a fantastic job rebuilding my Marantz 2330!



It should have been just used for parts but Paul painstakingly rebuilt multiple circuit boards that had traces destroyed by some lunatic.  It looked like somebody attacked the circuits with a wood burner or huge soldering iron for making stained glass.  He replaced all electrolytics with great parts and ran copper wires where traces used to be.  It couldn't have been for money as much as it was for love of preservation of a piece that would have wound up on a junk/parts pile otherwise.  


By the way, if you are looking for a wood cabinet for your Marantz I found a builder in Southern Missouri who does good work building Marantz cabinets!  PM me and I'll look it up.   Beautiful finish and perfect fit.

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