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22 minutes ago, MC39693 said:

@RandyH000, oh boy it’s been a while since I had a bradoor. I worked 2 co-op work terms in Montreal in 1974/5. A warm beer was cheaper than a cold pop at the corner store! My biggest mistake... I never went to a Canadiens game! I was just a starving student. 

For sure McGill -Loyola were not too far away from the Forum  -

tthe bus drivers would have the game running over a small radio   ,  the Canadians  scored the entire bus screamed go habs go -


the hockey  tickets in the Old Forum Building on Ste-Catherine across from Atwater Plaza were usually Sold -out -  ,  the City breathed Hockey 24/7

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10 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

Not good, hope he's getting all he needs. He's been such a good player for so long...

yeah , fluke accident ,  the guys skate so fast , these days ---Cory Perry couldnt get out of the way ontime ---great game so far

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Honestly looks like he was tryin to not hit him.. but fast happens with Perry... a lot!


Weird seeing JT in that uniform:wacko2: 

If things go back to normal soon we'll be seeing the Rangers a lot every year and JT was always tough to handle.

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My Bad... They play in the same new arena but JT was an Islander.
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Alright Hurricanes, it IS do or die tonight, be careful Jaccob you're too good to tweak something now. Say that because you are obviously our MVP now since we lose without you on the ice!

Pundits said we'd romp & stomp the Predators. Might have until #74 got hurt!


Now get back in form and get The Cup!

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