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What speakers and sub should I get for 2.1 setup for a PC?


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I want to create a 2.1 sound setup for my computer, and I'm wondering what would be the best choice of speakers and subwoofer. 

Should I get a pair R-41PM or should I get normal speakers (non-powered) and also get tiny amp for the PC?

Also, what subwoofer should I get? I'm looking for something small, since the only place I have is under the desktop.

Also, how much do I need a subwoofer for PC listening?

I would like to keep the budget around $400.


I have one more question: Can I use a powered subwoofer with powered speakers?


PS: I'm trying to build this audio setup with Black Friday if possible.

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Welcome to the forum.


I have been using the first AVR I ever bought in 2002, an Onkyo HT-R500 to drive a pair of Celestion MP1's for my PC rig and have thoroughly enjoyed the performance.  I have considered adding a small subwoofer to the game but since I use my over the ear headphones most of the time, I really have seen no need.


Maybe look for a slim line AVR with digital inputs and a subwoofer preout and a pair of small passive Klipsch speakers like the RSX-4's and RW-8 subwoofer.

Marantz NR1504 Slim Line 5.1 Channel Home Theater Network AV Receiver with AirPlayRW-8 Subwoofer | Klipsch

Klipsch RSX-4 (Pair) Black Home Theater Satellite Speaker, Used Display, Working




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If the OP considers to get pre-owned speakers, i can certainly recommend the KG line. Have set up my KG1.5s as my music-output for my Mac.




My screen is 22" for size and the speakers are paired to a small Yamaha amp. I don´t feel like adding a sub at this time.

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I have R-51PM's and a Polk 10" sub on my computer. I love the combo. The sub is nice but not an absolute must, I was happy before I had it. USB from my PC to the right side Klipsch, RCA from the Klipsch to the sub. The remote and Bluetooth are nice but I do not use them (I tested them, they work, but I am sitting at the computer and the USB cord was free with the speakers). I use my PC for serious music, watching online concerts and giving and taking music lessons over Zoom.


The R-51PMs got me so excited that I joined this forum and bought a pair of Heresy speakers that need major cosmetic repair.

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