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[SOLD] FS: Klipsch RF-7, RC-7, RS-7 + Seaton Sound SubMersive


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UPDATE: Everything sold.


First of all, I am located in Dubai, UAE and do not have the original packaging. However, if you are seriously interested, we could probably work something out in terms of packaging and shipping (I'll contact my local Klipsch dealer to help with those if they are able).


Other than that, I am the first owner of the speakers and subwoofer. Speakers were bought new in 2002ish and the SubMersive was bought new in 2009. All are in excellent working condition with some slight blemishes. The Vinyl is slightly peeling off the RS-7s at some spots but other than that they are excellent. A few of the pegs on the grills of the RF-7s are broken too. I'll post some more detailed/close-up pictures soon. Also note that one of the woofers on the RC-7 was replaced as it went bad. The new woofer, while original, has a slight color difference compared to the old one. The pictures posted here are before the replacement so they look the same.


As for the SubMersive, it is the original 1000 watt model in black oak finish (pictures to come). It has a slight blemish that occurred during shipment. It is not really visible as it is located on the amplifier side and can only be seen if you know it's there.


Asking prices: $1,450 for the complete Klipsch set and $1,450 for the SubMersive.


Klipsch 001.JPG

Klipsch 002.JPG

Klipsch 003.JPG

Klipsch 004.JPG

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