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Ayon tubes amp reviews


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2 hours ago, mopardave said:

Not the same amp, but i get it.   I have the Willsenton 300b.   It would be nice to have a high end $7000 amp to compare. This thing sounds very nice across the CornScala. Using GL 300b, Sophia Electric 274b with NOS 6sl7 and 6sn7gt pre's.

Anolog Discover graphs from this 300b.





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20 minutes ago, mopardave said:

do you know the date?

you might want to find a way to listen to the gear and forget the reviews.....trust your ears!!! Save your wallet!! I wouldn't buy any of this trash because sooner or later that is what it will be, most likely sooner! But that's just me!

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  • Gramophone Dreams #68: Lab12 Mighty power amplifier & Pre1 preamplifier Page 2

    ... love orchestra recordings" moment. Compared to the Elekit TU-8600S The first amplifier I compared Lab12's Mighty to was Elekit's TU-8600S 300B single-ended ($1880 plus the cost of tubes). The ...

    - Dec 28 2022 - 10:32am - 0 comments

  • Gramophone Dreams #71: Heretic AD614 loudspeaker Page 2

    ... the arrangement described above. Listening with Elekit's new TU-8900 The AD614 is so far outside today's mainstream design ... (24/96 FLAC, Ricercar/Qobuz) with Cossor 2A3 tubes in the Elekit TU-8900, the way-back part of the soundspace was clearer than ever, ...

    - Mar 21 2023 - 6:02am - 0 comments

  • Klipsch La Scala AL5 loudspeaker

    ... ago and they have never ceased to amaze me. My amp is an ElekitTU8600R - 300B and 9.2Wpc and my room is not exactly big. Believe me: it ...

    Alex Halberstadt - Mar 24 2023 - 7:05am - 51 comments

  • Gramophone Dreams #70: Sutherland Engineering SUTZ & Lounge Audio Copla headamps, Dynavector DV-20X2 & XX-2 MKII phono cartridges

    ... feeding Lab 12's Pre 1 line-level preamplifier, into Elekit's TU-8600S SE amplifier (with Western Electric 300B tubes) powering ...

    Herb Reichert - Feb 23 2023 - 8:31am - 5 comments

  • Gramophone Dreams #27: EleKit TU-8600R amplifier kit Page 2

    ... its uniquely shaped glass envelope is too tall for the EleKit's tube cage. Compared to the Russian 300Bs, the Elrogs produced ... scintillating yet understated. My personal favorite. EleKit TU-8600R vs First Watt SIT-3 When the EleKit TU-8600R arrived, I ...

    - Apr 4 2019 - 2:16pm - 0 comments

  • Just In from CAF (Part II): VK Audio Room with Sparkler Audio CD Player, EleKit Amplification, AER Speakers, Mogami Cables

    ... that I review afterwards. VK Audio's made-in-Japan $1785 EleKit TU-8600R 300B single-ended tube amp kit was one of those. This amp ... the system I return to is the O/93s or RP600Ms with the 300B EleKit. At CAF the TU-8600R changed my world-view again, because ...

    Herb Reichert - Nov 8 2019 - 5:59am - 11 comments

  • Gramophone Dreams #27: EleKit TU-8600R amplifier kit

    ... First Watt SIT-3 amplifier. However . . . When the EleKit TU-8600R single-ended 300B integrated amplifier arrived from Japan, I ... of other audiophile-grade parts. I asked the price. "The EleKit TU-8600R you are examining is the deluxe version—it costs $1785," ...

    Herb Reichert - Apr 5 2019 - 8:35am - 18 comments

  • EleKit TU-8600R integrated amplifier, Sparkler Audio S503 Spiral CD Player/Transport, AER Excenter Loudspeakers

    ... CD Player/Transport costs $1650, and the build-it-yourself EleKit TU-8600R integrated amplifier, also from Japan, goes for $1785. The ... - 11:07am ... JVS assembling the EleKit amp before he reviews it. HR could be called in to provide US-based ...

    Jason Victor Serinus - Jun 10 2019 - 4:34pm - 4 comments

  • Recommended Components Fall 2022 Edition Integrated Amplifiers & Receivers

    ... every bit as natural and engaging as the First Watt F8 and Elekit TU-8600. Driving HiFiMan's hard-to-drive Susvara headphones, HR ...

    Jon Iverson - Sep 15 2022 - 3:29pm - 0 comments

  • Gramophone Dreams #27: EleKit TU-8600R amplifier kit Contacts

    Sidebar: Contacts EleKit, EK Japan Co., Ltd.. Tofuro-minami 2-19-30, Dazaifu-city, Fukuoka, 818-0105, Japan. Tel: (81) 92-923-8235 Web: www.elekit.co.jp. North American importer: VK Music, Vancouver, British Columbia, ...

    - Apr 4 2019 - 2:18pm - 0 comments


    Excerpt from Reichert review (https://www.stereophile.com/content/gramophone-dreams-68-lab12-mighty-power-amplifier-pre1-preamplifier-page-2)

    Compared to the Elekit TU-8600S
    The first amplifier I compared Lab12's Mighty to was Elekit's TU-8600S300B single-ended ($1880 plus the cost of tubes). The Elekit was using the Linlai Cossor WE300B tubes. The first thing I noticed after the changeover was how much softer, larger, and calmer the energy field had become. With the Linlai 300Bs, bass notes seemed more expansive and more harmonically developed than with the Mighty in either mode. Played through the Elekit with the Linlai tubes, on Julia Wolfe's Soõ Percussion album Forbidden Love (24/96 FLAC, Cantaloupe Music/Qobuz), low-frequency reverb tails were more spacious and much longer. It was not subtle.

    In both UL and triode modes, the EL34 Mighty played with crisper, more conspicuously detailed clarity, which distributed charged energy across a well-constructed, shallower sound matrix. With the Mighty, the quantity and aesthetic quality of reverb was always good but sometimes a little short-tailed and never the main attraction. With the Elekit, reverb was the tasty sauce of the main course.

    The chief difference between the 300B amp and the EL34 amp was this: The Mighty made my Falcons sound precise, like mastering-lab monitors; the TU-8600S made them sound relaxed, like horn speakers.

    The Mighty and the Elekit sounded more alike when I switched from Linlai's "Western Electric Replica" tubes to new-manufacture (2021) Western Electric 300Bs. The Western Electric tubes sharpened the Elekit's focus, added density and clarity, and sparked up all forms of dynamics to something closer to the Mighty in UL mode, which threw punches like a fit middleweight.

    I was raised in a German-speaking household by a Teutonic father who played Gustav Mahler and organ music by Bach almost exclusively. My Dad passed decades ago, so sometimes I feel a need for day-long doses of German lieder to remind me how a German voice sounds. When I do this, the first recordings I reach for are songs sung by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau.


    I already knew that the Western Electric–tubed Elekit amplifier preserved Fischer-Dieskau's tone better than any other amp in my herd, so I was revved to see how the Mighty would handle that godlike baritone. I played my Made-in-Germany "tulips" pressing (Deutsche Grammophon LP SLPM 138 117) of Fischer-Dieskau singing Ein Schubert-Gothe-Liederaband, first through the Elekit and then through the Lab12 Mighty in triode mode.

    With the Elekit equipped with Western Electric tubes, Fischer-Dieskau's voice came out of the Falcons with gripping volume, power, and old-school German manner. The only thing missing with the 300Bs was the rugged high-relief texture of the baritone's upper registers—and that's exactly what the Lab12 in triode mode delivered, along with a wet, glowing transparency I never thought I'd hear from a pentode.

    I don't want to say the Elekit and the triode-wired Mighty sounded alike, but mostly they did. The chief difference was in how the triode-wired Mighty emphasized the immediacy and raw texture of the upper octaves while the Elekit directed my attention to beauties in the baritone's mid and lower octaves.



    The above was just from the first page or searching Elekit in Stereophile

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It's nice to listen to the gear yourself, but that's especially a problem in the case of kits that need to be built first. And I'm sure I'm less qualified as a listener than many who do it for a living. At Stereophile they mostly listen to stuff that costs many tens of thousands of dollars -- more than my budget. I only have Khorns because I bought them when they were under $1K.


EleKit Tu-8600RS: $2080 as reviewed ($1695 basic version)
As the name suggests, the EleKit TU-8600R is a build-it-yourself power amp, a single-ended design that uses one 300B directly heated output tube per side for a specified output of 9.2Wpc at 10% THD. (A pre-assembled version is available at extra cost.) Prices start at $1185 without tubes and top out at a $2985 version that includes Lundahl output transformers and deluxe German-made Elrog 300B tubes. Herb Reichert tried a variety of 300Bs in his Lundahl-equipped review sample and praised the EleKit for sounding not warm and soft but "fast and vigorous, as transparent as any amplifier, and extremely captivating," with a sonic character that's "clean, neutral, and precise." HR's conclusion: "This is what I call value for money." Other kits are available, but availability is sporadic. In his May and August 2021 Gramophone Dreams, HR used the Elekit TU-8600S as a platform for comparing different 12AX7s and 300Bs. (Vol.42 No.4, Vol.44 Nos.5 & 8 WWW)


See also: https://www.stereophile.com/content/gramophone-dreams-48-venus-tube-western-electrics-300b


This also has some commentary on 12AX7 tubes per recent discussion.


Peace be the journey

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  • 2 weeks later...
19 hours ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

You are describing an old Crown IC 150

"ICY 150". 🙄



The list of amps especially solid state that descriptions fit are way, way too long to list...


The same can be stated for amps that test not so good but sound great! Many of those would be tube amps! 


In the end spec list buying is for retards!!  Sorry but my BS fuse is still very short LOL


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12 minutes ago, Shakeydeal said:

I don’t give two sh&ts about how an amp measures. If it sounds good and gets my toes tappin, that’s all I need to know. And yes, nine times out of ten, that’s a tube amp.



good man! I tune amps & preamps by ear, then confirm with appropriate and relative test procedures. If it sounds great but tests bad, you're testing the wrong damn thing! In reality you can get great sound with reasonable test scores to back it up. The perfect specs usually sound like dung, at least to me!  

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