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One Klipsch KG 2.2


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2 hours ago, absolve2525 said:

My T-5000s have ribbed cones, not smooth. Are you sure these aren't T-500? I checked mine when I recapped them. Billybob is correct. Maybe they used two different cones? Could be! 

Used to be more versed with this.

Had all written down. There is information still out there but going to have to own what have said. Some info on web not always cutting the mustard, nor I. You will see Bruce and I speaking at times. Trust his...

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Attached is a pic of the top woofer. The woofer from both speakers is the same. I have also attached a pic of the rear of the Tangets. Looks like one of the speakers has had the binding post replaced.


After looking at the Tangents closely the price has been updated. 

Tangent Woofer.jpg

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  • Loudogp250 changed the title to Klipsch KG 4.5 (SOLD), 2.2 and Tangent T-5000
On 6/16/2021 at 8:34 AM, Woofers and Tweeters said:

Congrats, those look great. 


Still have the Forte that you bought from me?

After years of enjoyment they went to a good home for someone new to the Klipsch sound. I replaced them with the Klipsch RP 8000F. 

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  • Loudogp250 changed the title to One Klipsch 2.2 and a pair of Tangent T-5000's
  • Loudogp250 changed the title to One Klipsch KG 2.2

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