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WYSA Weird Yard Sale Amp


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This is in two chassis. It has many variacs or are some of them variable resistors? The two tubes in power supply are OA3 and the second chassis has 4 6l6gc 4 12ax7a and two 6sc7 tubes. Very good DIY but the parts are scary old. The output transformers are very small...


This is power supply chassis














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17 hours ago, mike stehr said:

Olson transformers made nice OPTs. They (it?) look to be universal...


I was concerned about the size of the outputs.


14 hours ago, babadono said:

@setithose look like rheostats i.e. high power potentiometers.

Was this  Mr. Medwin's yard sale?


This was found in rural arkansas but maybe lol......  Will look at them abit closer.

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