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Sparty pulled that game out but had me a bit worried.  lol  Carolina was looking pretty solid  until the end.  30 seconds left right now and they're tied.  Now what?  Tied w/16 seconds left?  Who's got the possession arrow?  


I always shook my head when John Thompson was coaching Georgetown.  He'd drag the last couple minutes out shooting free throws.  Amazed at how many games he came from behind and won that way.  


Oh boy OT!!!  hahahaha!   Hope NC wins.


The Buckeyes?  Seriously?  We've got the big man out healing but I look for him to be back tomorrow in Pittsburga.  Think it's Villanova.


BTW, how's blue doing???   :)


Bracket busting?  The KY loss killed about 90% of the brackets.  Biggest con in sports betting.  I'm still looking for a unicorn.  :)

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11 minutes ago, Tarheel said:

He did retire.  Former player Hubert Davis is the coach now.

See how much I follow hoops now?  lol  It's on but as usual I'm spinning w/the TV volume down.  :)


I've been laffing at the Browns/Mayfield situation.  Manziel, Mayfield, OBJr and everything else they've done in the past 20 years.  Reaching for that brass ring.  I'm soooo done w/the Browns, Cavs and now the Guardians.  Total joke on the North Coast.  lolol

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4 hours ago, Tarheel said:

Carolina Tar Heels gave up a 25 point lead to go into overtime.  Beat #1 Baylor by 7 in OT.


Now I know where ya been...


I don't watch much sports.... except this and the women's tourney.

Not an ND fan... but they look pretty good this year. Half surprised UAZ didn't fumble their first game...

Michigan is giving Tennessee a run

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It’s a cliche, but if someone had told me at the beginning of the season that my Spartans would lose to Duke in the second round of the Dance, I’d have said hell yeah sign me up. Now we’ll see if Texas Tech can spoil the Coach K farewell tour.


The B1G has not fared well.  Only Michigan and Purdue made it to the sweet 16.



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