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EV Patrician (18" Klipsch)

Dave Seitz

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Yeah it's down to what you want to do.  Reflex box is fastest/easiest with solid chances to tune yourself something you like.  If that's not the goal but rather to make front loaded horns for them, the biggest things are figuring out how much space your house can tolerate (have a sacrificial closet adjacent, perhaps?) and characterizing the drivers.  If you can take 1.5X-2X that reflex box size, you can brew some sort of basshorn that gets you some lower-lows.  These ideas are both basically Pats of their time.






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I built the WJJ Hoge subwoofer with the 15" driver back in 1977 from that Audio Magazine article using the 15" driver.  I drove it with a 60 watt Southwest Technical Products amp.  It was so efficient that it never got pushed.  I had the M&K Subwoofer test record which had howitzer shots on it.  Crank it up and there was so much air movement out of the vent that it could blow out match flames.  Great fun at parties.


God only knows where you'd find that CTS driver today, but you can still find used Altec and JBL drivers of the spec listed in the article today on EBay.  

I put up a web page with a few photos of the enclosure here.

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On 2/2/2022 at 7:52 AM, Dave Seitz said:

I picked up plans to build a set of the early 60s EV Patricians. They used an 18" woofer rates for 18watts rms. I have a set of NOS CTS 18" woofers. Anyone know about how low they will go with a less efficient woofer? I should add these are the Klipsch K Horn corner cabinet design. That was used with the permission of Klipsch at the time.


From what I gathered in a 10-minute Google search, the EV Patrician had nothing to do with the Klipschorn, other than being also built for corner placement.  I’ve never heard of Klipsch using an 18” woofer in any of their speakers.  The Patrician was a high performance speaker in the 1950s, but a lot has been learned since then.


So you have a pair of vintage woofers and you’d like to build a speaker around them, but you lack the skills to do it, so you’d need to depend on your in-laws to build these speakers for you.  Correct?  They are close to the size of a refrigerator, that is, quite a bit larger than nearly any Klipsch speaker ever sold for home use, and the big Klipsches can be a hard sell, even at their smaller washing-machine sizes.  Even if your Patricians turn out perfectly, over 60 years have gone by since their design was new, and the state of the art has advanced a lot since then.


It’s no fun to rain on someone’s parade, but this project doesn’t seem to have very much to recommend it.  You can find completed Patrician speakers for sale online.  Take a good look at them, with the person you hope will build them for you, and see what both of you think at that point.

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  @Dave Seitz    at the current cost of 130$  or so for 1 brand new klipsch K-33E woofer from klipsch or from online sellers , at say , higher 150$ a piece , why would you want to use   NOS CTS 18" woofers  when  current  15" woofers sound  better  .


 a used set of klipsch Lascala is light years ahead of a 60's Patrician     , 4k$  may even get you a used pair of  Khorns  which is a step up  .

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