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  1. If one wants reliability, my favorite is for the GE 6550a.
  2. Kinda wish one would offer to pay a bit more, yet he did say that was what he paid for them.
  3. I am probably wrong.The motor board looks closer to 1 inch Ply as looking through the ports.The sides have black painted veneer and sound like ply when thumped on,LOL.
  4. They would look fabulous though in a bamboo hut somewhere in the Pacific.
  5. My Chorus I speakers are 3/4 inch plywood,about 90 lbs apiece I estimate,loaded.1989 build.
  6. Glad they are too far away from me to angst over.Somebody here must buy them now.someone at least offer 5 bills for them.
  7. I've owned (2) Scott 208 amps over the years.Tube compliment is (2) 6U8 and (4) 7591 I believe.Going from memory.The power transformers run a little warm.Nice little amps.
  8. "And I kicked that mule to the top of the tree" Swordfishtrombones.
  9. Uh, yeah. Probably a lot.
  10. Uh, sorry.62 degrees and sunny here in central Fl. We will pay for it with 97 degree days and 100% humidity coming soon.
  11. Heh heh, j/K. Famous Herb Alpert album cover that got the attention of every boy or man at the time.
  12. Throw in an album cover of Whipped cream and other delights?
  13. Having spent the majority of my recent time of owning lascala's with some home brew Tube lab Simple SE amps,I unhesitatingly recommend these amps with the lascala. I built one of my Simple SE amps with the very inexpensive Hammond 125ESE output transformers, these amps rock (including bass) with the Lascala.Using 6l6GC russian tubes, about 380volt b+ and solid state rectification with cap input filter and a large choke.Very quiet, but not dead silent.Some hum when your head is in the bass bin, some tube hiss.Very liveable.I am running one of the amps in triode mode (125ESE) and one of them in ultralinear (big edcors) I think I narrowly prefer the Hammond 125 ESE cheapie transformers in triode mode. It produces maybe 5 watts in triode, and the one with the Edcor transformers may be making about 10-12 watts in ultralinear. Great sounding circuit from George at Tubelab.No affiliation of any kind, just a satisfied customer.
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