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  1. If the chassis is unmolested, the transformers are good and the price is right, its a worthy investment.I don't recall ever being enamored of the sound but never heard a Citation II in a really good system either.Highly renowned for the output transformers, wish I had a pair of them to fool with.
  2. Seem to be respected in the high end community, never heard any of their equipment.
  3. Wish I didn't already have a pair, uh wait a minute.Can't believe theyr'e still available.
  4. Lascala is a fine instrument to test audible hum. I think building amps is therapy as much as a search for better sound.still, I run out of room.I just hope some of my equipment is used as intended when I no longer need it.
  5. Forgot to mention you may get a crapload of B+ from the transformer that was probably rated for 115 volts. Maybe too high a DC voltage for the Tubelab simple pushpull 6BQ5 tubes,which I think require about 320volts.You can (carefully) disconnect the secondary wires and see how many volts it runs at.Probably will be impressively high, unloaded, may not even sag much with a good load on it!
  6. Good start of a stereo amp.Nice heavy power transformer, choke, at least one of the 2 salvageable chassis.Find another similar output or buy a pair of Edcor Push pull output transformers.You could go to the Tubelab website and buy a Simple pushpull (SPP) circuit board.(4) 6BQ5/EL84 and (2) 12at7. You won't be disappointed.Wiring not that unusual of a mess.Most peoples point to point wiring is messy.Don't risk the transformers and yourself by electrifying those old capacitors.
  7. How about a low powered class A amp? Try a JLH 1969 10 watt per channel, or one of its variations.It sounds much more powerful than 10 watts and is a wonderful sounding ,simple amplifier.
  8. I remember hearing brain Salad Surgery for the first time, about 13.The album assaulted my senses aurally in a similar manner of viewing my first Playboy magazine.I still have a Japanese pressing of Welcome Back My Friends CD (1982?). Great live album.I also have an MFSL Tarkus I never opened , LOL.
  9. Cant' stand all that excitement, my hammer is waiting as the box is opened (3lb spider sledge) Any unbroken items are put into service.
  10. Yeah, on Gilligans Island.Could woo Maryanne and Ginger over for awhile with some coconut cognac , (just to) listen to some Carribean music.
  11. If one wants reliability, my favorite is for the GE 6550a.
  12. Kinda wish one would offer to pay a bit more, yet he did say that was what he paid for them.
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