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***SOLD***Dean G Crossover with Audio Caps


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I just totaled up the parts on those and it came out to $445.


The 2564 low pass coil is the one I had UT wind for me. Larger frame, with larger core, wax impregnated -- with about half the DCR of the stock unit.


If you want the stock 3dB down on the squawker, just parallel another 6 or 7uF Theta with the other one and move the squawker wire from tap 3 to tap 4.



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Dean originally built these for me and i sold the Khorns and sold these networks to indyhawg-sold as i wanted to downsize to more practical sized speakers with plans to move and didn't believe i could take the khorns with me-i got CF-4v.1 and while i love them as well, selling the khorns and Deans crossovers are a decision i regret to this day.  I can confirm this is a great deal and they sound amazing. Very black background and smoothed out and dialed back that forward midrange just right for my needs and in my particular room, i had incredible deep and tight low end. Great caps. I had some of my best listening experiences ever with that combo on a long wall run- i did have my tweeter out on top of the top hat-physically aligned with the mid range driver in a vertical position. 



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