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Cornwall 4 new

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Hi dear friends,


Just arrived my new behemoths CW4 absolutely new!

I would like to customize and make sound even better, however I am very happy.

Just one idea has come to separate mid compression mid and titanium tweeter, I think would be great if I do horns with real wood. It will look like super horn speakers.


If you do know some companies who is doing some CW4 details as hi end tweets mid or some accessories pls let me know.



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You should leave them alone. You can't recreate those horns in wood, and all of these various components are fine tuned to work together. If you want to play with modifications, find a nice used pair -- or have someone build you some cabinets.

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Thanks guys , very important advices. 

My system :

Behemoths CW4

McIntosh MC275 tube power amp

McIntosh C2600 Tube preamp 

Clearaudio Tonearm Virtuoso MM Cart

Audiomods Carbon 6th series tonearm + Clearaudio Essence MC cartridge

Revox B77 HS Reel to Reel new 

Yamaha CD 2100

Primare Prisma streamer mkII

Yamaha NS901 Soavo speakers


McIntosh MC152 power transistor amp is on the way  

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-14 at 5.45.15 AM.jpeg

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I'm as big of a fanboy of the concept of "modding" as you can get around here, because any company who manufactures products have a thing called "bean counters" who have to make sure that resource inputs are appropriately balanced with the need to turn a profit (which Klipsch or any other manufacturing concern has to pay attention to). Even the most high and mighty gears in audio history had bean counters behind them, we spent years here chocking the venerable Mac 30 with the best of high performance parts; to very good results, too.....


........but with all that said, the Cornwall IV is the speaker for one who wishes to "buy it and forget it" in terms of those issues. For those who want to do those modifications I would suggest the older series, such as Cornwall I, or even better for models Belle Klipsch and Khorn, where aftermarket horn setups have been successfully fashioned and don't require you hack on your cabs 🙂 The Cornwall IV is a speaker I wouldn't even mod myself as so many of those tight tolerances have been done for the end user, where I find the simpler networked laden early series to be the "modder's playground", not just because it's so easy, but because there have been a number of options presented for that.


But with the Cornwall IV, you just set them up and feed them well and forget it. You appear to have done that. That's what you pay your money for 🙂

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