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LaScalas insdustrial for a local Disco venue?


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7 hours ago, Marvel said:

David Mancuso used Khorns for his famous loft parties in New York. He had traveled to Hope and met PWK. This is a great article about some of the journey. It was shared here before.



Here's a pic of Mancusos loft with khorns. Top hats raised up high...




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5 hours ago, HPower said:


As long as those diffusers are being held up with Nordost cabling.  🙄


Room treatment is the best tweak I have ever done in audio! 🤓



Me too, but it usually falls on deaf ears. I've know this for over 45 years now.


In his Dope From Hope papers, he used the popular Bose 901 to generate the Highest IM distortion he ever measured in a speaker of his days and probably what created his Bullshit Button. He called BS on their ad that claimed to have a direct to reverberant field ratio by stating FACTS. You cannot avoid the 90% of the sound coming from that same reverberant field with ANY loudspeaker, regardless of brand, or type,  once you are about 10 ft. away from them, which is typical for most rooms/listeners position.

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