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Power strips??

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9 minutes ago, babadono said:

Seems like a steal. Please let us know if the "balanced" power improves your system.


Furman uses center tapped secondary isolation transformers so when referenced to the center tap common mode noise on the input side is cancelled. Noise is measurably better on the secondary but what you will see for improvement will depend on how well built your specific gear is already.


From what I have found to be the most notorious creators of noise are electronics that somehow got by without much filtering. I don't mean filtering from mains to itself, I am talking about filtering of itself per FCC regulations to not pollute the grid. For example I have two audio systems in the garage, when I plug my battery charger in to use it one of my systems gets so polluted with noise from the battery charger it's not even listenable. Does that mean the stereo is bad or the charger is bad? A little bit of both. Clearly the charger was not held to strict regulations or got by them somehow for not polluting the grid. Most new devices utilize switch mode power supplies that wreak havoc on the grid, the FCC has regulations for manufacturers to have filters at the device power input to block it from polluting the grid. In fact that's why switch mode power supplies have so much filtering at their input is because they have to per these regulations.


The best results come from power conditioners that don't just isolate between the "power amplifier" outlets and "digital/analog source" outlets but more so have isolation between each and every source outlet. The reason being is if you plug one noisy device into the isolated outlets it can pollute them all. My own system is very low powered so I just plug my power amps directly into the wall which is fine for most well built power amplifiers. My sources, are the only receptacles that get special treatment. Each one is isolated from each other via common mode chokes and X/Y capacitors. That way there if you plug something in that pollutes the mains then it's isolated from the other sources that are also plugged in. Typically you see isolation transformers like the Furman that have center taps that isolate the noise from mains but the secondary outlets don't isolate from each other. I have seen inside much more expensive conditioners separate isolation for each outlet which is really the way to go.


For the money you got a steal and Furman is a household name brand in pro audio. Great find.

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1 hour ago, hanksjim1 said:

I think I am good to go with this one...$300. on local CL


 Damn man, at $3250 MSRP, new version retails for $5k I'd say you did quite well with that one, congrats! Did you notice any difference in sound, lack of noise or anything? 

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