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Chorus and Chorus II Question


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I'm not sure this question was definitively answered for the Chorus I, so here's what I know.  The 7uF (100V)cap on the original crossover is a bipolar electrolytic.  Here's a picture of the crossover from my Chorus I's.   The small blue cap in the lower left corner is the 7uF electrolytic.  



Chorus I Crossover.jpg

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On 9/1/2022 at 10:40 AM, 001 said:

@Crankysoldermeister any ideas why an electrolytic was used here?  What's the advantage to using a lytic when most other models use a film cap for the mid? its a smaller 7 or 6 for ch2, figured it would have used a "better" PE cap.  


This would seem to been a good example of whether capacitor ESR really matters.  In the Chorus I circuit, the 15 ohm resistor is in series with the capacitor's ESR.  If the capacitor's tolorance is 5%, it would be anywhere from 14.25 to 15.75 ohms.  Couldn't the value of the resistor have a greater impact on the total impedance than the ESR of the capacitor?

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On 10/5/2022 at 3:25 PM, amped said:

I have not been in my c2's but got this image from somewhere on this forum. Hope it helps...





looks like "he/they" replaced the mid electrolytic with a poly cap & kept the woofer shunt cap electrolytic... 



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