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  1. yeah, it all went downhill after the demise of Braniff
  2. I hope my Dope From Hope book comes with a gorgeous La Scala like yours did. That's even cooler than the BS button
  3. I know I really should be buying things right now for the sake of the planet but the night’s young…
  4. Saw this while walking the dog this morning. I think we're in the right place...
  5. Part of a BlueNote sale:
  6. Tried to see them in NYC a couple weeks ago and Ticketmaster f'd me over. I last saw them in '86. Iggy pop was the opener then.
  7. Why not put something more grippy on top of the stand. This way nothing permanent will happen to your speakers. No personal experience but what I would try first.
  8. Just saw this. Stephe is building KT120 SE UL monoblocks here:
  9. Hoping to redeem myself. 10” Vinyl. Technically not mine- a gift to my daughter:
  10. Mustang had several CDs on his list (in this thread). When I did the quote, I was trying not to put that whole list up again. My bad.
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