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    Klipsch Chorus 2 & RB-5, Bob Latino VTA ST120, Dynaco PAT4 and ST120 (rebuilt by me) , Thorens TD125 Mk2, Denon DL103 + Ned Clayton SUT, Sony CD player, Blue Jeans interconnects

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  1. I had not personally had a rectifier blow but I avoided the Chinese one in favor of the Russian Tung Sol. Roy Motram the designer of the circuit did so 30 years ago and maybe with the rectifiers of the time it was fine. He and Bob Have retired in the last year or so. Roy did create a dual rectifier kit before leaving. They are both occasionally still on the dynaco forum. As for the "variac", yes, I know about the dial and the analog meter. I always use a VOM to check. I also put my own marks on said dial. Thanks! Apologies to the OP. Never meant to hijack your post.
  2. Thanks for the tip. My amp is a Tubes 4 hifi VTA ST 120. Bob Latino recommended that specific "variac" and I settled on that one because the U.S. alternatives were out of my range. I'd love one of those Brown Boxes (?) where you can dial in specific reductions but those aint cheap either. I'm using an S/S rectifier as this amp runs 5AR4's hard. I hadn't blown one but have an auto bias board that delays the hi voltage. I did just get a Brittish NOS GZ34 for backup. I'll definitely give the GFCI another shot in the right order.
  3. "Regarding Variac, the red, Chinese Amazon units are the POS. Can't run at rated kVA without getting hot AF. Wipers aren't accurate or don't function until the wick is turned halfway up then wham! The internal winding is likely a better fuse than the fuse. A Staco 12A variable transformer runs about $650 and will source 1.4kVA all day and barely get warm." My red, Chinese, Circuit Specialists "POS" doesn't get hot and I've not noticed it get warm either in the three years of having it. I'm using a 5A and it works fine for what I need. My wall current fluctuates between 119 and 124. My amp likes 115-117v. If I trusted myself to build a bucking transformer, I'd have done this. Same reason when I searched for an American Staco or Variac, the ones in my price range looked like they'd need repair or set my house on fire. Sorry, I'm not an engineer
  4. amped

    What I Got Today!

    Been looking to get one of these for a while: Amperex GZ34, Made in GB, NOS /NIB
  5. I was using a GFCI -something like this on my VTA ST120: https://www.amazon.com/TRC-Southwire-14650013-6-120-Volt-1800-Watts/dp/B000XU5MEG/ref=sr_1_16?crid=1MR1T5P0YFFL1&keywords=gfci+plug&qid=1704928910&sprefix=gfci%2Caps%2C85&sr=8-16) All was well but I checked my wall current. I forget the amount and it was a bit high so I got one of those circuit specialists red 5A variable transformers and the instructions said NOT to use it with a GFCI so I quit using the GFCI. A reason wasn't mentioned nor did I ask but the voltage thing bothered me more. UPDATE: I found this on the website: "Please note that Variacs are not compatible with most GFI (Ground Fault Interruption) wall outlets. Because the load is very inductive, the Variac represents a fault and will cause the breaker in a GFI to trip." BTW, the analog meter on that "variac" is not accurate. Many people way smarter then me on here...
  6. I moved my C2's from the back of our minivan. S L O L W L Y slid them on to a 2 wheel cart with a bungie cord, one at a time. Up the front steps, turned boxes upside down and lifted off like @Stephen Buck and slid them on our wood floors with reversible furniture sliders: https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/furniture-sliders,/k,/results.html?cid=327759&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=pkwcpc&track=psmsn&msclkid=9862a15a42a21507130fc4c55db7122b&utm_campaign=B_PKW_S_Headterms_[Home_Improvement]|327759&utm_term=furniture sliders&utm_content=Furniture Sliders
  7. amped

    The Other Discs

    "tonearm lift quit in the up position" Thanks for the well wishes. It'll be fine at some point. It felt like something disconnecting when I moved the sliding switch. Maybe the cable disconnected. If I can't figure it out, I'll give a holler to Dave at vinyl nirvana. to 2024..!
  8. amped

    The Other Discs

    Well, my tonearm lift quit in the up position so it’s other discs until next year. Not the worst option by a long shot.
  9. Happy New Year 🥳!!! Make mine a double…
  10. Don’t know if this will complicate things but hificollective has some jensens: https://www.hificollective.co.uk/components/jensen.html Welcome to the rabbit hole
  11. Not necessarily spinning this yet. It arrived yesterday: https://www.discogs.com/release/28522522-Syd-Barrett-The-Solo-Works-Of-Syd-Barrett- I'm not a vault subscriber plus, missed the release but found it on discogs. Whether I'll play it soon or not, not sure yet. It's still in a sealed box. I found out about it on Tracking angle dot com. Just happy to have it.
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