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Alternatives to Paypal

Dave A

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4 hours ago, oldtimer said:

To make sure you understand:  No, it is not taxable income to you.  Sales of a person's items for less than purchase price is not taxable income, per the IRS.  The real issue is that now there may be more paperwork involved to show them that fact.  Basically, it can be described as unnecessary meddling and a nuisance to the honest public.

It is deliberate as how many saved receipts once the warranty is up? Tax audits can go back three years if I remember right but taxation on your own items you are selling for less then you paid somehow have to now have records forever? It is nothing more then they need more of your money so they can spend three dollars for every new dollar they find.

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I would just go through the motions with the forms and leave it.  Only in the case of an audit will it require anything more.  The 1099 is informational not proof of taxability.   

Given the potential nature of the subject, I suggest continuing the conversation via pm if desired.

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14 minutes ago, OO1 said:

nope  an alternate email  , solely for security purposes to send a security code 

That's nonsense.  The email for the account should suffice.  There is more to it than "our" security.  There is more to it than "they need more of your money."

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5 hours ago, RealMarkDeneen said:

Companies wanting your phone number always have pretty much the same motivation: Tracking. Cell providers track and sell surveillance info.



I imagine most people have no clue that it is even happening. So, there are good odds that providing your phone number will be at least marginally valuable to whomever is wanting it.


Unfortunately, "surveillance economics" is a big and permanent aspect of the modern economy.

Yep. This! Last year we thought we were approaching our local Newspaper to put an ad on their website, only to find the sales guy worked for a company partnering with the Newspaper to track cellphone movement to the point we could actually target folks who walked in our competitors doors if we wanted to! 😮 It kinda freaked me out but it was more expensive than we wanted to spend but the options were endless. Everything from ads on popular sites, facebook, national magazines, targeting those same people who went to nearby establishments, football games, and yes, competitors...{Note: I originally posted this in a comment on the Internet thread several weeks ago but took it down.}

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