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Klipsch Website - good or bad?


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Could not resist this :) 


Have been trying to buy a new center and it is pretty hard to find specs on the Klipsch website :( It is very annoying having to go through page and page and page of how wonderful these Klipsch items are (yes; "bigger horns, Linear Travel tweeter, Vented tweeter, CeraMetallic woofers, Tractrix, New Look, etc. etc.") After scrolling down all these pages, you can finally find a pdf on the actual specs (if you are lucky) :( It does NOT matter what you are looking for; you get bombarded with marketing BS. :) 


So; to find specs on Klipsch speakers I go to crutchfield.com .


Constructive criticism: just think Klipsch should tone done this stuff, or at least give a link to the specs "at the top."


Cheers, Emile

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  • Emile changed the title to Klipsch Website - good or bad?

The website used to be a lot better in that regard.  It was also easy to find discontinued items and their specs as well.  Another thing they did was say which speaker went with which as far as matching centers and surrounds.

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I think you're shouting at the clouds.


I see nothing wrong with the web site. Spec download sheets are easy to find.


It's understandable they would want to promote their product first. As long as the other info is there, and easy to find, I'm satisfied.


Navigating ANY web site involves a little self-education, much like learning a new language.


Sure; it would be ideal if ALL web sites conformed to some layout standard, but that's not a realistic expectation.


Once you've learned where to look, it should not be a problem.

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Product pages are WAY too busy and incoherent.


I suggest having product pages that are easy to navigate, not everyone is interested in a "learning curve" to get information about a product. 


One large image of the product with thumbnail previews to switch the large image. Scroll over zoom with the large picture.


To the right of the picture a brief list of specs/features.


Above or below the image a set of tabs to select say "full specifications", "gallery", "technology", "history", "downloads", "reviews", etc...........



Having one giant page to scroll down where all the images bleed into the next while scrolling, a jumbled together look is not enjoyable.







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14 hours ago, Peter P. said:

involves a little self-education

Have worked on the (commercial) internet since it's inception - yes; thank you, I am an expert.


The Klipsch website is boring, sterile and non-imaginative. It is based on a template of "picture/filler/links" and can be managed by a 10-year old.


For an "innovative" company, this website is a complete failure.

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