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Klipsch Museum of Audio History

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So….Paul W Klipsch’s museum is having a fundraiser. This forum and of course, the company he started, exist because of Mr K. Most of you know that Mr K meant a lot to me and so, of course, his museum means a lot to me. So much so, that I am intimately involved with it. And so I come to the klipsch forum…..would you consider helping the Klipsch Musuem of Audio History by making a purchase?  Think about it while you are listening to speakers his company created…….



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  • Klipsch Employees
15 hours ago, John Chi-town said:

With all due respect, is Audiovox digging into their deep pockets?  

Audiovoxx has nothing to do with the museum. We are nonprofit separate organization. But audiovoxx employees and Klipsch employees do support the museum. 

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16 hours ago, John Chi-town said:

With all due respect, is Audiovox digging into their deep pockets?  

It’s Voxx International, and they approved the transfer, by Klipsch, of the land, building, artifacts and archives to the Museum, an Arkansas non-profit and recognized 501(c)(3) entity. It has an independent board of trustees, nearly every member personally knew PWK.


The mission, support STEaM through the teachings and examples of PWK. 


Voxx’s wholly owned subsidiary, Klipsch, continues to support the Museum every year, without fail, in substantial amounts, in numerous ways.  

Other legends in audio, Fisher, Marantz, AR, Bose, Lansing/JBL, I’m sure do the same . . . Wait, none of them have museums. To our knowledge, the Museum in Hope is the only museum in the US dedicated to consumer audio, particularly the dawn of hi-fi. NMSU has a museum dedicated to PWK, and is open to the public once per year (costs and other shortages caused a pull back).


For a great explanation of why Klipsch made this donation back in 2016, with launch in Spring of 2017, see the interview of Klipsch President and CEO, Paul Jacobs on our YouTube channel. 

It requires a joint effort, local community/City of Hope, major benefactors like Klipsch, but most importantly, members, because they “get it” -what PWK had to teach and consider it to be a national treasurer worth preserving.

Thank you for the question. As with any 501(c)(3) all of our tax returns are on line and in the open.


Thank you for the question.



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