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Klipschorns ground up rebuild


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2 minutes ago, Dave MacKay said:

How about posting the info?


All I recall was mention of Roy having spent some time having a discussion with JEM. To my knowledge, no specs or special requirements related to how certain caps affect the transfer function were ever disclosed. 


If there is any substance to the claim, why can’t we see data to substantiate it? 

Yeah, actually discussed ad nauseam. I copied some of the discussion to my facebook page.


It’s a tired, old topic. 

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Got the other side panel off and looks like these can be built with 3 sub assemblies and a little side board is nailed to join the top and bottom assemblies to side3.jpg.4858a6d5cc3761cb2668d4898641128d.jpgthe middle. The back board and 2 side complete the assembly.

There are some little pockets of glue so Klipsch were not building these in the 70's with laser cut precision. So some of the tolerances  do not have to be .0015 like I have seen on some posts.



I am going to try and build 2 new one then save the other 2 and replace the bottom portions or try the ozone method. Its a fall/winter project. No one seemed to have a complete cut list so I will continue to document the tear down  ,cutting and rebuild. 

side 2.jpg


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7 hours ago, OO1 said:


15 hours ago, Dave MacKay said:

caps affect the transfer function




I did to you exactly same as you did to Dave post. Picked only part of his statement that makes it opposite sense to what someone said or even senseless.

I see you do it a lot like that in here. What is a point? Are you in type of those new activists that try to cancel not only those who don't agree with them but also those who dare to ask a questions?

Klipsch's products are good enough to speak for themselves, they don't need someone who chases everyone with baseball bat.

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17 hours ago, Bacek said:

If you say so. On the net I found some info that those are polypropylene capacitors. Maybe it was incorrect.

Screenshot 2023-09-08 233858.png

Take your picture to “Ask the Historian” section and ask Jim Hunter. 

I tried googling the part number and came up with nothing. Just looks like the small motor run they used for years. They were all Mylar.

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5 hours ago, Deang said:

What is your point?  Why would I care about a part that has external resemblance but has non matching brand and part numbers to the originals. 

 based on the info posted earlier https://www.surplussales.com/cgi-bin/cart.pl  "  same brand  "  " same series "   old stock pullouts are tagged as   motorstart polyproprylene  capacitors   

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On 9/8/2023 at 7:08 AM, Shilly said:

should the inductors be replaced also?

I'm sorry that I invaded your thread and wrote noting one the topic.


I would leave inductors. They do not look nice but clamps can be removed and cleaned to bare metal, visible core parts can  can be also cleaned. You can check them electrically to be on safe side.

Parameters for parts you will find here Klipsch Crossovers.

Mine where also not in best state and I'll planning to pimp them up cosmetically.  As seen on pic top is polished and I need to follow with rest. They where not as bad as yours but anyway that is just a hobby. After full cleanup I'll probably paint the metal to protect it (not yet sure if in color as yellow can sound too bright 😀 or just transparent)


You can also change "hat" (wooden/cardboard?) of that small air coil. But be carefull with screew that holds it or originality police will hunt you down. Somewhere  here there is longer discussion about that screw becoming ferromagnetic a t some point making it no longer air core. If this was by accident or by purpose and if it does good or harm is not conclusive for me.


Only concern for me would be if rats work can be undone or neutralized on YOURS.


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All disassembled now.  Looks like You build up the front first then add the middle section baffles over the top  then upper and lower baffles   On the front there are 2 cherry colored wedges anyone know what they could be made of?  They are very light weight and dark cherry colored,  I will take them to my local Rockler to see if they can identify. if no one chimes in.  


On the newer speakers they enclosed the sides,  Can I just run the side boards all the way back or did they change any internal structure to compensate for the new design.


Off to the lumber yard this weekend to pick up 3/4 Birch  and 1/2 fir plywood






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