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Ever try moving away from Klipsch speakers?

Bananas and Blow

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I started with Heresy 1 then onto Forte II, Cornwall I, Chorus II and KHorn AK3.

My latest setup is an active two-way with JBL 4648 LF cabs (think 4722) with giant BFI Bullfrog 15x30 inch horns using PRV D290-pyB drivers. The room has been tuned flat by the DBX PA2 RTA mic and wizard. Rest of the system is Pioneer SPEC. This is my first two way setup and it's absolutely incredible. Stage width is massive. Depth of the stage is better than anything I've ever owned. The system is dangerous in that it can get extremely loud but it's so clean your brain doesn't tell you to turn it down.

My .02 worth.


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