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Dug these up, just for the history. Wendy Carlos studio with the Cornwalls hanging from the ceiling. She lived in a Brownstone, and had her studio there.





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Read about the LS in about 1964 and used what I learned to write a book report for a 9th grade English report.  It all made sense.  I have no clue what I first listened to.  Probably some Brenda Lee, Lesley Gore or Motown.  First true "system" I heard was a Fisher amp I think and a JBL Paragon a buddy's dad bought.  He had a TV/record store and sold JBL speakers.  I'm thinking that was part of the deal he cooked up w/JBL was the Paragon.  I was amazed sittin on the couch hearing things I never heard before.  Klipsch rigs were just totally outta my price range so I started w/a Marantz receiver, Dual 1229 and a pair  of ESS AMT-1's.  Added tons of Marantz gear cause I got it from a distrubuter at cost.  Hooked a local TV store up w/Marantz gear so the guys gave me a break on my stuff.  After that it was a complete Infinity RS 2.5 speakers system w/a stack rack full of SAE gear.  THEN I made the move to Klipsch w/my LS, PrimaLuna and my trusty Linn turntable. Then stole a JBL SP128S sub at auction.  Factor in about 110-20 feet of vinyl and I'm in my happy place.  I'll also add that without the help of some of the guys in here it never would have happened.  Wonder if I hit the lottery tonight so I can get new Jubes?  :)

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I've know of Klipsch for decades and even owned a cheap pair of SF-2 tower speakers just to try them out. However, y first experience with the Heritage series happened for me recently... New to me Heresy 2's and the first thing I played was Cannoball Adderley's Something Else on vinyl via my tube amp and tube preamp.


It was eye opening. it felt like I was listening in the club while the band was playing. Great dispersion and soundstage, articulate highs... overall a very pleasing experience.


I like to listen to music on the media that it was originally recorded / released on (50's, 60's, 70's - Vinyl, 80's, early 90's CD, etc) and this set up is what I think it must have been like "back in the day" when this was first released.

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On 3/12/2024 at 12:03 PM, Woofers and Tweeters said:

It has been a minute since 1984. That is when I bought a pair of Heresy, new from a place called Ovation. I can't recall the first tunes that I played through them. What I listen to these days is a lot less radical than then, most of the time lol. 


Old man.  (you!?!?!!!!)  :ph34r:


I first heard LaScalas in 1978 at Carlin Audio in Fairfield Ohio.  Scott (if I recall his name correctly) played Lucky Man / ELP.  I swear, it sounded like they were IN the speaker playing......I was hooked.


Went back couple weeks/months later and bought a pair (1979 production)  Still have them.


When the Underground Jubilee's arrived somewhere around 2007?  (now that, I can't remember for the life of me, I'd have to do some searching to find when)


I put Pink Floyd, Pulse on and had at it.



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For me it was LaScalas at Friday night dance parties back in the mid/late '70s. (remember disco?) Invited to a friend of a friends house and there they were. Once I heard them I said/thought what the heck are those?, gotta have me a pair. Saved up some pennies and in '77 bought a pair and like @Coytee I still have them. Still have the original receipt $602 a piece, raw birch(back when they used or could obtain the good shit) with full front grill cloth. Sweet.

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