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Help identifying a Klipsch Speaker???


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Here is the deal,

in my church, they use 5 klipsch speakers mounted to the ceilings as loudspeakers. i have searched pics and can't seem to come up with the model of these speakers.

i don't think anyone there is a big klipsch fan and would know the model type...and i am hesitant to just ask as i am fairly new. i also can't just tote the old videocam in to service and snap some pics either. i might sneak in my pda that has a camera in it and get some, but the resolution will be low.

so does anyone know a good site that has pics and names on it? the grill klipsch emblem is unique and i have yet to see a pic with one like this on it, so until i get the pic up, maybe a site can help.


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You can look at the main page for the website and look at products. Heritage and classics are a good place to start. Or is this where you searched for picture?

For good or for bad, most of the products look like boxes and may be difficult to distinguish from a distance. The exceptions would be LaScala, Belle, and K-Horn. Of those, only the LaScala would be at all likely for P.A. use (and then not very, they're big, and heavy).

One popular speaker for churches and P.A. is the Heresy. The humor was not lost on PWK or his clients. If one had to make a blind guess, that is the first and most probable.

In any event, if you can estimate the dimensions and general geometry, that would be a start.

If you can establish their age, some models can be eliminated. What sort of finish?

Of course, you could ask the pastor and you shouldn't be too bashful. He might start asking why you're looking at the ceiling during his sermon rather than paying attention. A natural fear. OTOH, there is some chance he is quite proud of the quality units and would be happy to talk about them.

"Reverend, I've heard that Klipsch makes a speaker known as a 'Heresy' which has created some controversey. Is there any chance these units in the church are those?" You'll either get a chuckle, a blank stare, or a sermon on how the impertinent are sent to hell.

Another way is to look around for the name of the installer. Sometimes this appears on an amplifier cabnet. You could contact him for info.



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Here's how you get a shot. Find a girl you like real well. Start dating her. Well, you know, time goes by, and you eventually propose to her. She accepts, and you plan the wedding. Dresses (bride, maids), tux, caterer, invitations. AND the photographer! Here's the sneaky part (NOTE: The photographer must be in on this. Should be OK, as most of them are pretty shifty anyway). During the wedding party (or family) shots, create a distraction (like knocking over a candle, or something). While everyone is trying to put out the flames, the photographer can get some shots of those Klipsch speakers.

If you're already married, the plan becomes more complicated, as you'll need to get a divorce first.


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indeed this will be tricky as i am married...lol11.gif9.gif

william, i know they are not the khorn, lascala, or belles. my first guess was the heresy. it has the shape to match but i am at a loss for judging dimensions an such a long distance.

they have a stained finish on the sides, perhaps oak? the grills are black cloth and the klipsch logo is mounted on the bottom of the grill. all the pics of heresy speakers i have seen show it as a top mounted copper colored plate with the pwk symbol on it...this is different. it is klipsch in white letters...big letters as i can clearly make them out from the seating area, and no pwk emblem.

again a picture will help but will have to wait till sunday to post.

i have looked all over the klipsch website and then did a google search on klipsch, heresy, forte, etc to see pics...none match so far.


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My brothers church has Klipsch speakers in it also,suspended from the ceiling side by side. The cabinents appear to be larger than herasies and are wedge shaped,wider in front than the back so when placed side by side it optimizes the horns radiation patterns working together. I have also searched for this model to no avail, any ideas?

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My Preacher is quick witted, too quick. I gave the church a pair of HIPs (Heresy Industrials). When I carried them in, I apologized for bringing Heresy into the church. He fell right in and ran with it! He said he was sure I could be forgiven.

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