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OT: what kind of car does everyone have?


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Not wishing the civility to go completely down the toilet, I offer the following instead.

For the record, former cars include, more or less in order:

-1972 Chevy Monte Carlo (Auto) Not an SS, unfortunately. Front suspension broke after hitting a huge pothole, would've cost more to fix than the car was worth. The only V8 I've ever owned, but this car was long past it's "use by date" when I got my mitts on it in 1985. Lasted for only six or eight more months in the hands of a 17 year-old with visions of Indycar racing dancing in his head. Observed top speed of about 110mph, if memory serves. I don't think the high-speed aerodynamics of the thing were helped at all by the hole in the left rear quarter panel through to the trunk that was big enough to slip my bookbag in out of. No lie.

-1980 Chevy Citation V6 (4spd) Not as bad a car as you'd think! This one lasted to nearly 110k miles, the last 45k of which were at my hand. Had a huge appetite for clutches, though. Don't know where this one topped out, because it had no tach and the speedo stopped at 85 (remember those days?). I'll guess around a hundred.

-1986 Mercury Sable LS (Auto) Hand-me-down from dad when the Citation expired. Had a truly stirring high-speed crash with this one, driving over a boulder as I went off the road, finishing off the engine block, floor, and the fuel tank in the process. Long story. Top speed estimated at 115, based upon the digital tach, this speedo also stopped at 85.

-1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo (5spd) Quick, but about as refined as the Citation, which wasn't very. The turbo four-banger made enough power to spin the wheels all day long, but was noisy as a lawn tractor and just as nice to listen to. Observed top speed of about 130-135, based upon the same tach-math as the Sable.

-1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD (5spd) Had this only briefly, thanks to insurance concerns. But boy, was it ever fun in the snow... And when it wasn't snowing, this would do an honest 135.

-1990 VW Jetta (5spd) Ultimately this was tricked out to the nines for autocrossing, but rode like a go-kart. Still managed to hang onto this one for 150k miles from new. Great car, and I miss it dearly. Barely capable of breaking 100mph.

-1992 Ford Taurus SHO (5spd) Unreliable as all git-out, expensive to fix, but boy was it fun. Observed top speed of 140.

-2001 Ford Focus ZX-3 (5spd) Gets a lot of bad press, but it's not on Car and Driver's Top Ten list four years running for nothing. Great car for the money, esp. when you don't have much money, which I didn't at the time I got it. I heartily recommend this car to anyone who needs good, fun transportation in the low-to-mid teens price range. Speed-limited to 106, where there's a fuel cutoff. Or so I'm told. *wink wink nudge nudge*

...and now the gaudy Mazda6 S (5spd).2.gif Don't know what this one will "do", since I haven't tried. I think I've outgrown such experiments.

I think.

FWIW, I am jealous of the poster who gets to drive a new Falcon Jet. I have to get by with a Saab. 9.gif

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Loco---My comments about Japanese cars were a reaction to another poster and the flaming was not my original intent.

The duals on the Vic are functional and add 19 hp. They're also done without chrome doo-dads and only Ford afficiandos even know they're there, they just kinda peek out from under the corners of the bumper.

False duals are symbolic, of what I'll let you figure.

Still lookin' for trouble heh? I'm flattered to be worth so much attention from you, you've gone to a great deal of trouble and thought. I wonder if........

So whaddya know about horn loudspeakers, that's what we usually talk about here. Have anything to add on the subject, any help?

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>>>Still lookin' for trouble heh? I'm flattered to be worth so much attention from you<<<

Don't be flattered. This is basic boredom, which only proves I have nothing better to do with some free moments on a couple of days off than cross swords with a "holier-than-thou" type on the Klipsch Forum.

Also don't think I am going to be baited by your none-too-"discrete" suggestions as to why people like dual outlets. Heck, they sure seem to get YOU excited.

I won't discuss horn speakers on this thread, because that's not what it's about. I'll discuss horn speakers on threads that are devoted to them. If you want to talk CARS, and ditch the insulting nonsense, I'm all ears. Or eyes. Take your pick. Either way I am not going to entertain this particular line of discussion any further.

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I ain't gonna go back and read the last 150+ posts in here, rudi, so please remind me... Is that your Viper in your avatar? If so, you've got me seething with jealousy. :)

I had a chance to drive a GTS a few years back, methinks it was a '97. One of the students at my flight school had one, a red one no less, and I talked my way into a test drive. WITHOUT THE OWNER! That car sure put the fear o' God in me... May be the only time a four-wheeled vehicle had me trembling from adrenaline overload after I finished with it!

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On 3/21/2004 6:04:31 PM Rdmarsiii wrote:

Yes. As a matter of fact, I have three. 2 red and 1 silver.... And I am also building that 1992 Mustang.


i used to own a corvette stingray...i think it was early '80's ?? not too sure, but it was a snap together so the wheels would always fall apart. i actually still own it (somewhere in my attic).

i now own a M1A1 abrahms main battle tank...but i haven't put it together yet...it is glue9.gif and it is on a shelf in my garage.

the army wouldn't let me keep my old 1:1 scale M1 anyway. 14.gif


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Well... We can feel free to dream, can't we? 1.gif

My thirty minutes in a GTS was my most memorable time in a car. Errr, except for that one incident with my ex, of course, but that's best left unexamined!

All I can say is that I definitely, DEFINITELY wasn't going 115 on (the otherwise empty) New Highway on Long Island in that amazing 450hp red missile. No way.

Perhaps even better than the car is the way OTHER people react to it. A carload of teenagers in a GTI nearly drove off the road trying to get a better look at the thing, and it put a smile on every face in a fifty foot radius. Except, perhaps, the guy in the minivan on the Southern State Parkway who didn't think I should've passed him quite so quickly...

Good thing I don't own one of those myself, as I doubt my license would survive the experience.

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no one can mess with the 91' Maxima pushing 190k with no limiter, so the fastest i've pushed her V-6 to 127mph. don't worry i was careful. She's been reffered to as the Blue Bomber(college buddies gave it that) or my personal favorite, The Hog. she handles anything you throw at her... people(my friend jumped on my hood going 20mph, moron), snowbanks, black ice, and my mom backing into me.

p.s. as much as i may get yelled at for this... "Women drivers, no survivors"

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On 3/22/2004 12:03:07 PM Just1n20 wrote:

no one can mess with the 91' Maxima pushing 190k with no limiter

Don't you mean... The "Four Door Sports Car"? At least that's how they advertised it back in the day, to the extent that they actually had a sticker in the rearmost side windows that said, in two-inch tall letters, "4DSC".

I'll be the first to give you props on a Maxima of that vintage. Real fun car. It was the only reasonably-priced 4-door that would give a Taurus SHO a run for its money a dozen years ago. Of course both the Maxima and the SHO were pretty well covered by the M5, both then and now... But at the time you could've gotten a loaded Maxima SE and a Taurus SHO, and a decent vacation as well, for the price of that BMW!

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I have a 2000 Ford Ranger XLT as my daily driver.

I also own and am hoping to convert to daily driver status by the end of the summer a 1983 245 dl Volvo station wagon.

Too bad people think volvo station wagons are slow.

While mine is the NA model I installed the turbo manifold with a T3 turbo running about 14psi.

So basicly I have a wagon that can keep up with a stock WRXvolvo power

Too bad my speedo only goes to 85

Unfortunately the weak auto transmission decided not to hold up to double the stock horsepower15.gif

Once I get that thing running again I'll be taking it to the track for some 1/4 mile times.

Peace, Josh

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1983 Mustang GT pretty well tricked out and a 1998 SVT Contour with a chip in it. My web automotive web page is here http://home.comcast.net/~stangbanger/Cars/Auto_Page.html if you want to take a look. The Miustang section is a bit out of date. I have done 11.50 ish on the motor and 10.8 with the nitrous. Almost time to take it out again but I need to figure out why it is not starting first 7.gif



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