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Cornwall Rebuild Project Pics!!!


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Thanks for all the kind words folks, very kind. This sort of thing is an absolute labor of love. Sometimes it gets frustrating because I can be a little on the anal side2.gif. I finished a pair of Heresys just before starting the Corns. They were beat up HBR's that actually got new cabinets instead of veneer. ALK's too! I will post some pics of those when I can.


Nope, sorry, yours have to go first my friend!


Yesterday morning I finally finished my end of the 296. I cleaned and polished the chassis and tube shields, installed a new power cord(stock one was shot)and sanded and painted the transformers(in place, talk about a B!@#$). Man, it is one impressive piece of gear, it is BEAUTIFUL! Not perfect/flawless but really close. I am shipping it to Craig today for the whole enchilada. Tubes I have gathered(which I am thrilled about to say the least)for this beauty are as follows:

4)NOS/NIB Mullard KT-66(probably GEC made)

2)NOS/NIB Mullard(Marconi)5AR4

3)NOS/NIB Amperex 6U8

6)Telefunken NOS 12AX7 "Smooth Plate"(I have 6 NOS Mullards I was going to use but decided on the Teles. I will do some rolling with these when it comes back).

As stated earlier, I will be using the 296 with a set of Walnut Khorns that I will be picking up this Sunday 3.gif.

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Very nice work. Makes them look more new than the new ones .. and more classy.

The conditioning, esp. on the Hovlands, will bring the sound in competition with the PIOs that were used in original circuits. I still don't have a preference for either PIO or conditioned Hovland (haven't tried any other good poly, like the Theta). They'll sound good.


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Thanks again for all the kind words fellas, I appreciate it. I hope to have pics of further progress soon, but with the impending pickup of my '67 KB-WL's3.gif this Sunday, I have not been able to drag myself out to the garage to work on the Corns, but I will.


Restoring the labels was a blast! Great project for us anal types2.gif. I am going to cosmetically restore an EICO HF-81(NOSValved) and 2 Scott 299's(soon to be NOSValved), and I am going to do the same thing to the component/tube layout labels that come on the bottom. Just a nice added touch.


I built your conditioner and used it on ALL the caps, including the Thetas. I can hardly wait to hear them.


Yep, Satin Tung Oil with Brown Grilles it will be. They are going to look killer for non exotic wood3.gif.


Yeah, me too2.gif.

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Sorry Guy. I sent you an email, but left this part out. If I was going to do just one set, I was prepared to take the labels to a photo restoration service to be done. But I figured I was going to do at least 3 sets and it finally gave me the excuse I needed to buy a scanner2.gif, so I did them myself. Never having done this kind of thing before, I bet I had 8-10 hours into them if I had 1. But, it does not take nearly that long generally speaking. I had alot of time wrapped up in experimenting and goofing around with them. But I will say that they look as good or better than when they were originally printed. I know it is kind of a small issue, but I am still amazed with the results.

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can you please expand on how you digitally restored your labels - this is very interesting - I was under the impression that you could ask klipsch to simply reissue the sticker based on the proper proof of ownership -

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