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Also watch out for the PX Nazi, there was an E-7 who's only job was to stand by the finance office and look for uniform flaws.


oh yeah, that doesn't surprise me. sure do miss garbage like that...for those of you who have never imbibed from the "army's cup of efficiency", crap like that is everyday...usually the result of some O-6 or higher seeing someone who had a ink pen sticking out of their pocket in the PX...

ahhh the memories...7.gif

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On 12/15/2004 7:40:11 AM HDBRbuilder wrote:

As usual, the efficiency of my higher chain of command led to them giving us all the WRONG APO address/zip code. Please note that I have edited my previous post above with the CORRECT APO address for us.


Thanks for the correction.

Merry Christmas, Andy.


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I made mention of this in another thread but I will also mention it hear.

You can go to


and get an address to send a letter or a goody shoebox. The best part about this program is that the letters and packages are given to troops who are not getting much if any mail. I have found First Seargent addresses because I know "TOP" is going to take care of his troops.

Merry Christmas

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Yeah Mandi-

My Cats have sent about 30 boxes so far. They (the cats) don't have any problem cranking out the boxes, but they are rather stunted when it comes to doing the letter part. It's the paw and keyboard dilemma.

So....if anyone has kids and wants to contribute a letter to one of the Blackie and Stripe boxes please feel free to send me letters and I will sponser them as the box giver. (In reality, its the letter that really means more than the contents of the box). Crayon drawings and original artwork are the ultimate but Email and personal letters works also.

Remember, its the little things...

PM message or email me at cluless1236@comcast.net

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I am also a fellow Klipsch fan, and one of those that serves our country (Air Force Master Sergeant) Despite the fact you probably don't know me or have ever read one of my (very, very few) posts, I still want to wish you all the best. I hope your deployment is a good one, and that you get back home safe and sound as soon as you can.

Even though I am rapidly approaching the end of my military career (28 days until I go on Terminal Leave and retire on 1 April) I want you to know that each and every one of you who are 'over there' remain in our thoughts, and that your sacrifices will never be forgotten. Thanks for all you do!

Stay safe, and post when you can!

MSgt B. Albers

Randolph AFB, TX

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  • Klipsch Employees

Supporting Our Troops

Last June, Klipsch received a heartfelt email from SFC Bobby Buchanan of the Arkansas National Guard who has been stationed in Iraq since March 2004. A member of the Texarkana/Hope Arkansas unit, he asked if we could improve the quality of his platoons laptop movie-watching experiences by sending them a set of computer speakers.

Klipsch responded by immediately sending him two ProMedia GMX A-2.1 systems. Since the summer, we have received a few messages from SFC Buchanan with the last being on November 30. Heres what he had to say:

We just wanted to thank you again for the set of speakers. They have really been nice. Sometimes you just want to get away and watching a movie is about all we have to do to get away. The theater sound really helps. Theres nothing like pulling out your favorite movie to help you relax. We do appreciate the support of you and the Klipsch Company. We have about three months left and are looking forward to getting home. I am sure this is not the last Klipsch product that will be owned by this group.

Click the image to the left to enlarge. SFC Bobby Buchanan is standing in the first row on the far left.



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  • 2 weeks later...

OK, I have tried numerus times on a wireless connection to post this without success. I am at the internet cafe in Doha giving it yet another try.

First of all, thanks to everybody who sends stuff to the troops over here. Trust me that they all appreciate anything they get.

Thanks to Klipsch folks in Indy and Hope for the package of audio stuff they sent. I will be moving into my "pod" room over the next day or so and I can't wait to try out the 2.1 set-up with a movie! The shirts came in handy too! Thanks again, folks!

Thanks to Cluless for all she, Blackie, and Stripe are doing for my team members and other soldiers over here. The team members love the blankets and the goodies! Thanks a bunch Carol!

Thanks to Gil for the phone card "kits" he sent to me for my team members. They were very much appreiated by all of us.

Just because the holiday season is past us is no reason to believe the soldiers still don;t have need of things, so keep that in mind, folks, OK? My Team and I are doing well.

I gotta run for now, since I have the night shift starting in about ten minutes, so once again: Thanks to all who support the folks in uniform over here or anywhere!

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