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Dual 15 inch Corner Bass Bin - Cornscala dbb


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I have had a few sets of the cabinets built for people, but so far, they have all been completed sets with just the motor board left not attached. That allows the bass cabs to be shipped as two slightly over two foot cubes and one flat pack of two motor boards. I am sure the cabinet shop would be willing to build them without completing the assembly, but likely the price would not be different. Just easier to ship.

Now, that I think about it, imagine what a single box with a set of knocked-down Cornscalas in it would weigh. Wow!!


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Yes, that K401 looks great on the mantle. I need to find a job or a home for that thing. My wife won't let me keep it there for long. I am trying to figure out a way to make a custom center channel with it.

Thanks for the complement guys.

I have the grill frames built for the top and bottom sections. I just need the fabric now. Ralph at Duracrest must be on vacation or something. I can seem to get a hold of him.

I really showed these babies off last weekend. Starting to like them more and more.


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Thread hi-jack> Did you guys ever paint bully's -----blankity blanks, blue? You know "Bully" in front of the Union book store?

Wow, can't say I ever attempted that one. I did a few "donuts" with my car in the lawn.

Man, still can't get a hold of Ralph at Duracrest. Hopefully he is back next week.

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Just a few more pics to savor. The grill frames were made with 1/2 hardwood strips. I used 3/4 inch #4 screws to fasten together. I also used Gorilla Glue (only on the HF grill frame "front corners") which expands like crazy and sands off well.


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I didn't use the 1/2 inch strips on the HF section corners. Instead I used hardwood very small strips. I think about 1/4 inch. This was just to provide vertical "sturdiness" and I didn't want to obstruct "any sound".


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