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Is this clipping?

Jeff Matthews

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The number of drummers in this forum is a bit frightening. I played drums in bands since the age of 13 but now have to store my set of mid 60s Ludwigs/50s Zildjians at my friend's studio for lack of room. I miss being able to sit down on a whim but get over there a few times a month to play.

I personally hated any ear protection as it removed a layer of enjoyment and link to the music - It was like a filter that I always wanted to toss . Amazingly, I still have pretty good hearing although I havent been tested in too long to remember. I never found any protection that wasnt a compromise in this fashion though havent tried the devices that Duke just mentioned.

Another interesting point is I find myself disagreeing with about 90% of what drummers have to say here...heh. Damn, drummers....


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Not that its of much import but just to set the record straight.Deep Purple "Machine Head" on dvd audio would put to shame most recordings ever made.The clarity and dynamics are absolutely astounding for a recording of the period.If it don't make a set up shine you might be listening to Bose 3-2-1.Now,back to the show.

Mr. Fish, I'm glad you brought this into light, as it IS important. The OP does not mention the source material, other than who the artist is, and I'm not familiar enough with Harman Kardon gear, to recognize the HD7600 CD, and to know if this is a DVD-A or SA-CD player. At this point it's possible he has it on tape and in the Onkyo Integra cassette, six feet under ground. [W]

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I also doubt you are clipping your amps. If you were sending

square waves to your Khorns, you would be blowing fuses and blowing

tweeters at that levil.

Khorns are like a double edge sword. Nice recording sound

great. Poor recordings sound worse. I for one have many

CD's that I will not play on my Khorns. They are only played on

my lesser living room system.


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I also seriously doubt they're clipping. The thing about Khorns is that if you play a lousy recording as many Zeppelin LPs unfortunately are, the Khorns won't cover it up. Just the opposite. Play a nice recording and you'll be rewarded in spades. It's just part of the deal when you have very revealing equipment. I've found that my cornwalls do a much better job covering up bad recordings. They aren't as sensitive.

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